Saturday, December 18, 2010

Transfer 9, Week 2 (i actually can't remember which week it is.....?)

Hi everyone
So, I am now in the office as a secretary. It was kind of hectic when I first came in two Sundays ago (the 6th). I got some training from Elder Ottley, then he left on Thursday. I kind of stressed out for the first few days, but then i realized that there's really nothing to get stressed about, so i'm fine now. I was with Elder Kubricky for the rest of the time, and then his replacement, Elder Hintze, got here last sunday (the 13th). I won't say that i'm not looking forward to serving with Elder Hintze, but I really liked serving with Elder Kubricky. I gained so much respect for him during the short time we served together, he's got so many great insights, and he's really entertaining. I was kind of super bummed-out when i found out he was leaving, but he's been here for a long time, and he was itching to get out. So, we kind of whitewashed the office--nobody can remember that ever happening before, so it's kind of interesting....we're both kind of learning as we go, so things are moving kind of slow right now, but they should start picking up. Let's see, what is there to know about the office......we're here from 8.30 to 5.30 (sometimes longer, depending...), we do computer stuff alllllll day, sometimes we get to take mail to the Posta (post office), so that's kind of fun. ha, it's kind of funny, there's this very specific route we take to the posta, and Elder Hintze made a comment the other day, just wondering how long it's been there and who discovered it, and then we got talking about Bug's Life where the leaf falls on the line. It was kind of funny. Yeah, so, that's the Posta (oh, and they just opened a Starbucks on the way to the Posta in the mall, so i can still get their apple cider.......a little taste of Seattle right there. :) Other than that.....things are pretty constant here at the office. the stuff that i'm mainly responsible for isn't too difficult, just have to follow directions. the biggest thing i do is probably getting all of the greenies registered and getting them their permits. that's always's just super wierd though, because i totally remember being in their shoes, and it does not seem like that long ago. let's see, anything else........we live right across the street from the mission home, so not too much travel time involved......
Ok, so this past week was transfers. kind of hectic, but manageable......i just had a lot of updating to do, and that was about the most difficult thing. But, we also had 9 missionaries leaving, and the office elders get to join them and the Baughman's and the garner's (the office senior couple) for dinner in the Baughman's apartment. It was really fun being able to have that last chance to talk with all of them, and then there was a departing testimony meeting, which was super spiritual and everything, it was just soooooo difficult, realizing that in the morning, they'd all be gone. That was the hardest part i think, having to say goodbye that night. It was always easier before out in the field, one zone conference they were there, and the next they weren't.....but this was awful, because it was their last night, and you totally knew that they were leaving in the morning....i definitely don't think that someone as young in the mission as i am should be allowed to sit in on one of those, because i know that i'll see them later when i go home, but now it just seems like they're gone forever. If i learned anything from that night, it was a better appreciation for the Plan of Salvation. Especially taking into account missionary slang (for example, when someone comes to the country, we say they're born, and then when they go home, we say they die), it just kind of helped me realize that in this life, we make incredible bonds of friendship with so many people, and if i didn't know that we would have an opportunity to meet again and continue that friendship, it would be super hard for me to deal with things like that. But, just like i'll see all of these missionaries after my mission, that's totally how the Plan of Salvation works as well--we don't have to say goodbye forever. So, yeah. there's my deep thought for the week. :)
I hope you all have a great week, hopefully i'll write again before Christmas, but if not, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!
Elder Murray

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Transfer 8, Week5?

Hey everyone...
So, in case you all didn't notice, I didn't email on Monday.....the thing is....I came into the office. I'm the new secretary, and I had to come in on Sunday night for training. And, the office staff's pday is on Saturdays. so, sorry for the panic...... : )
Elder Murray