Monday, April 26, 2010

Transfer 3, week 3

HI everyone!
oh gosh, it's already about halfway through transfer 3! ah!
so, things are going pretty good here.....not much new...the other elders finally moved into their own apartment, so it's just Elder Bird and me in our apartment. We kind of miss having them around to talk to and have fun with, but it's a lot easier to study and get ready and focus now. And, we still get together for Sunday lunches or palacsinta nights, so we still get to spend time with them. And, when we have huge blocks of streeting time, we got on little mini district splits to kind of break up the monotony. it's interesting getting to see everyone's different style, and it's fun being able to split with Elder Hommes--i've been able to see his improvement in the language, so that's been kind of cool.
So, one of our investigators should be setting a baptismal date this week! we are so excited for her! she was finally able to come to church yesterday, and she really enjoyed it. It was so great to see her there, and it was such a good feeling when she said that she really liked it. She seems to be really serious about finding out for herself if it's true, and not just depending on her friend's testimony. That is so awesome to see, and it just kind of reminds me that we all need to find out for ourselves, not just go off of others' testimonies.
Elder Bird is such an awesome companion! it's been really fun being able to serve with him. This is his first time being senior companion, but i think he's doing great! we have a lot of fun together. i really hope we get to serve another transfer together, he's�a really awesome guy. I'm also getting to know the branch members a lot better, which has been fun. Quite a few of them have made comments about how i've been improving in the language, which is extremely encouraging! I just hope that i can continue to improve.
Well, that's about it for this week......we have a super p-day on saturday, and i think we might be going to Tihany again.....that would be way fun, even though i've already been there.....hopefully a few branch members should be going too, so we should have a pretty good siyed group going. And we have Zone Conference the day before, as well as a waffle night. We're just starting the waffle night here--they've had one in Budapest for a while--so that should be pretty exciting. I'll let you all know how it turns out!
I hope you all have a great week! Keep being awesome!
Elder Murray

Monday, April 19, 2010

Transfer 3, Week 2

HI everyone!
wow, this last week was pretty crazy! Transfers were really fun, it's the first one i've been to, and apparently almost all 80-something missionaries in the mission were there! we have transfers at a train station in Budapest, and there were so many missionaries there! i got to see almost everyone from the two groups by us at the mtc, and i got to see Elder Miller and Elder Anderson. It was way fun. So, I got Elder Bird, and we rode the train back to Sékesfehérvár (pretty much the slowest train ride of my life--it stopped at every anthill along the way!) and brought his suitcases to the apartment--one of the longest walks of my life! haha. but seriously, his bag was heavy. and, the apartment is 30 minutes from the train station, if you're walking fast. yeah. so, then Krisztián picked up Elder Brockman and Elder Hommes (the greenie) from the train station (lucky). then, we all kind of got settled in to the apartment. All four of us. yeah. it's been an interesting few days. but, they've finally found an apartment, and should be moving out on Wednesday. the apartment is going to seem super quiet without them. Elder Bird is pretty cool though, i'm sure we'll be able to keep ourselves entertained. he's from Murray, Utah. and it's kind of funny, because there was another Elder Bird here just a few transfers ago, so that's been kind of interesting. It's been kind of hectic so far, just because we're all just trying to figure out how to get settled in and everything. Our investigators seems to like Elder Bird pretty well, but it's kind of funny, because they've kind of shifted their preference from Elder Huggard to me. They still really like Elder Huggard, it just kind of seems like they've kind of noticed that i'm the only one left from that companionship, so they're getting to know me a little better. I don't know, it's kind of hard to explain, and i really feel like i'm rambling right now. Elder Brockman is pretty excited to be here, becuase he was here for a few weeks a few transfers ago. quite a few members still remember him, so that's been fun for him. Elder Hommes is really trying to speak Hungarian with everyone, which is really encouraging to see.
ok, so today for P-Day, krisztián took us to some places, as usual :) I'd already been to all of them, but it was still fun, just to kind of be able to see them all in one day, and with the other elders.
well, that was about it for this week. not much, just a lot of streeting, and kind of just getting to know each other.
I hope you're all doing good and having a great time!
Elder Murray

Monday, April 12, 2010

Transfer 3 (ah!) week 1

Hello everyone!
wow, this transfer has flown by! I can't even remember what happened during each week.....totally wierd to think that I'm starting my third transfer in the country! ah!
Ok, so, transfers......way super unexpected! So, Elder Huggard is going to Kispest to be zone leader, and I'm staying here. My new companion is going to be Elder Bird, and the other companionship we're getting is Elder Brockman and a greenie. (yay, i won't be the youngest! haha). Apparently Elder Brockman has served here already, so it should be pretty easy for him to adjust. I don't really know a whole lot about my new companion...Elder Huggard seems to think he's a pretty good guy. Apparently, Elder Bird recently went senior, so we're going to be a pretty young companionship. I'm really looking forward to working with someone new....I'm kind of nervous though, because I'm going to have to fill everyone in on what's going on here and all should be interesting.....ha, and we still haven't found an apartment for Elder Brockman and his companion, so they might be staying with us for a few
well, that's pretty much the news for this week....not much else.....i went on splits in Veszprém with Elder Liljenquist, so that was pretty fun. Yeah, and i forgot my planner today (AH!) so i can't really look back to see what all we did......we taught a lot of lessons this week, so that was, this email is looking pretty boring, I feel like I should think harder about what we, not really getting anything.....we've been looking for a new apartment for the other companionship, but not much luck lately......a couple looked like they might have been good, but they didn't work out.....this week is looking pretty stressfull, because we have to clean up our apartment, look for another one, go to transfers, have a meeting with the branch president.....ah, there's always so much to do....but, somehow, we find the time to do it all. It's pretty amazing, actually.
Yeah, well, that's pretty much, this email still looks pretty bluh.....sorry about that....
well, i hope you all have a great week......hopefully my next week will be a little more interesting.....haha.
Remember that you're all amazing!
Elder Murray

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Transfer 2, week 6

Hi everyone!
Oh gosh, last full week of the transfer already! ah! things are going to be pretty hectic around here this week. We have a ton of Angolóra fliers to give out, and they're sending another companionship to Székesfehérvár next transfer (yay!), so we have to look for an apartment for them. and we have to look at bikes. but, somehow we'll manage to do all that around missionary work. It's really cool to look back at when i first came here and see how much things have changed--it's kind of cool to see how much i have improved in the language (not a whole lot, but there's definitely at least a little progression....), but it's even better to see how the gospel affects people. Sometimes it can be hard to see in individual programs, but you can definitely see it over time, and it's just so great to be a part of it! like, i know that we as missionaries don't really deserve any credit--we just invite the Spirit and provide an environment where people can learn--but it's just so great to have been able to befriend these people and be there with them through their progression. The whole thing is just an amazing experience!
OK, so, this last week.....not much in particular....Wednesday was way full, we went to Veszprém for district meeting with the two companionships from Veszprém and Dunaújváros--that was kind of fun, because the senior companions had known each other from the mtc, and all 3 of us junor companions had known each other at the mtc. well, kind of...Elder Marciel from Dunaújváros was in the group above me, and Elder Diamond from Veszprém is in the group below me. After that, we came back to Fehérvár (that's what a lot of people call this city--that or Székes--and i'm getting kind of lazy with typing :) and were pretty much running from program to program. That's always a way good feeling. Seriously, even though we're running everywhere trying not to be late, it's so great that so many people are willing to meet with us! On Thursday, we went to Budapest for interviews and training. That was pretty fun--it's always really fun to see other missionaries and learn from President and Sister Baughman and the APs. Friday was really cool day! we got to go on splits with two of the members and we went tracting. We didn't really have that much success--we only found one person who was willing to have us come back again. It was still pretty fun that the members want to be involved in missionary work. the really cool part was after that though. we went back to the branch house for a program with a recent convert. I left the door to the branch house open so she could just come in when she got there, but it turned out that she was already inside (the door is kind of broken...). And, we usually leave the door closed because if people are talking out in the hall, it sounds like they're in the branch house because sound carries really far in there.....but, i just didn't close it today. Nobody was talking outside, and we had already started our program by the time i thought about it. So, we got about 15 minutes into the program, when some random guy just walked in. We had never seen him before, and he asked if he could come back sometime when we had more time. The lady we were having the program with invited him in (she's a champ) and we started talking with him. It turns out that he's had a lot of problems in his life, and he's been going from church to church trying to find one that can help him. We testified a lot about how the Book of Mormon helps people, and the member helped a lot! we gave him a Book of Mormon and two talks from two Liahonas to read, and we even set up a time to meet with him again! It was such a great experience, it sounds like he's had a lot of sadness in his life, i just really want to be able to help him. after he left, we were talking about the door and how we usually close it--we pretty much decided that as long as we're in the branch house, it should be open. It was a really amazing day.
On Saturday, we went to Aba, a falú about 40 minutes outside the city by bus. We had lunch with a member family and taught them about priesthood and encouraged them to go to general conference. it was pretty fun--they have a little son, and it was his name day, so we brought him some candy. After that, we came back and went to Tesco to buy some food for general conference. Then, we had Angolóra (with a grand total of 3 people....), after which we took a bus to Budapest. We got there in time to see the last talk of the session (it was Pres. Eyring.....i got kind of lost on which session it was...). The next day was so much fun! we saw 4 sessions, and we got to talk with a lot of members. It was pretty fun, because you just had to stand there and smile and a member would just come up and start talking with you. There were only a few of the members from our city there (we're hoping that the ones we didn't see were able to go to another city where it was being shown), so i got to talk with a lot of people i didn't know. It was really fun, they were all so friendly! And conference was SO great, oh my gosh! it feels like the last one was just last week! but that was in october, when i was still at home! crazy! i was kind of bummed out that we didn't get to see all the sessions, but we're looking forward to getting the Liahona with all the talks. ah, it was great though! and, it was in english, so that was very good. otherwise, i'm pretty sure i wouldn't have been able to understand anything....After Conference, Krisztián drove us home. It was a pretty long day. But, not as long as Monday! haha, kind of funny, because there's not much to say about Monday....we went to Tihany, so that was pretty was cool to be able to see the Balaton. Then, we kind of just drove around....we went to Veszprém for lunch, and then kind of headed back to Tihany to go on a bobsled ride, like the one at Visegrád. After that, we frantically looked for a gas station before Krisztián's car ran out of gas....then, we came back to Fehérvár. We stopped at a few random places along the Balaton to take pictures, but other than that, kind of just drove around. It was pretty fun, even though it was raining and really windy--just made it more memorable, i guess.
Well, that's about it for this week.....oh, i don't know if i'll be staying here next transfer or not, so you might want to send any letters to the mission home....just in case.
I hope you're all doing good! (ah, sorry for the lame closure...i never know what to say to end a letter....)
Elder Murray