Monday, April 19, 2010

Transfer 3, Week 2

HI everyone!
wow, this last week was pretty crazy! Transfers were really fun, it's the first one i've been to, and apparently almost all 80-something missionaries in the mission were there! we have transfers at a train station in Budapest, and there were so many missionaries there! i got to see almost everyone from the two groups by us at the mtc, and i got to see Elder Miller and Elder Anderson. It was way fun. So, I got Elder Bird, and we rode the train back to Sékesfehérvár (pretty much the slowest train ride of my life--it stopped at every anthill along the way!) and brought his suitcases to the apartment--one of the longest walks of my life! haha. but seriously, his bag was heavy. and, the apartment is 30 minutes from the train station, if you're walking fast. yeah. so, then Krisztián picked up Elder Brockman and Elder Hommes (the greenie) from the train station (lucky). then, we all kind of got settled in to the apartment. All four of us. yeah. it's been an interesting few days. but, they've finally found an apartment, and should be moving out on Wednesday. the apartment is going to seem super quiet without them. Elder Bird is pretty cool though, i'm sure we'll be able to keep ourselves entertained. he's from Murray, Utah. and it's kind of funny, because there was another Elder Bird here just a few transfers ago, so that's been kind of interesting. It's been kind of hectic so far, just because we're all just trying to figure out how to get settled in and everything. Our investigators seems to like Elder Bird pretty well, but it's kind of funny, because they've kind of shifted their preference from Elder Huggard to me. They still really like Elder Huggard, it just kind of seems like they've kind of noticed that i'm the only one left from that companionship, so they're getting to know me a little better. I don't know, it's kind of hard to explain, and i really feel like i'm rambling right now. Elder Brockman is pretty excited to be here, becuase he was here for a few weeks a few transfers ago. quite a few members still remember him, so that's been fun for him. Elder Hommes is really trying to speak Hungarian with everyone, which is really encouraging to see.
ok, so today for P-Day, krisztián took us to some places, as usual :) I'd already been to all of them, but it was still fun, just to kind of be able to see them all in one day, and with the other elders.
well, that was about it for this week. not much, just a lot of streeting, and kind of just getting to know each other.
I hope you're all doing good and having a great time!
Elder Murray

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