Monday, April 12, 2010

Transfer 3 (ah!) week 1

Hello everyone!
wow, this transfer has flown by! I can't even remember what happened during each week.....totally wierd to think that I'm starting my third transfer in the country! ah!
Ok, so, transfers......way super unexpected! So, Elder Huggard is going to Kispest to be zone leader, and I'm staying here. My new companion is going to be Elder Bird, and the other companionship we're getting is Elder Brockman and a greenie. (yay, i won't be the youngest! haha). Apparently Elder Brockman has served here already, so it should be pretty easy for him to adjust. I don't really know a whole lot about my new companion...Elder Huggard seems to think he's a pretty good guy. Apparently, Elder Bird recently went senior, so we're going to be a pretty young companionship. I'm really looking forward to working with someone new....I'm kind of nervous though, because I'm going to have to fill everyone in on what's going on here and all should be interesting.....ha, and we still haven't found an apartment for Elder Brockman and his companion, so they might be staying with us for a few
well, that's pretty much the news for this week....not much else.....i went on splits in Veszprém with Elder Liljenquist, so that was pretty fun. Yeah, and i forgot my planner today (AH!) so i can't really look back to see what all we did......we taught a lot of lessons this week, so that was, this email is looking pretty boring, I feel like I should think harder about what we, not really getting anything.....we've been looking for a new apartment for the other companionship, but not much luck lately......a couple looked like they might have been good, but they didn't work out.....this week is looking pretty stressfull, because we have to clean up our apartment, look for another one, go to transfers, have a meeting with the branch president.....ah, there's always so much to do....but, somehow, we find the time to do it all. It's pretty amazing, actually.
Yeah, well, that's pretty much, this email still looks pretty bluh.....sorry about that....
well, i hope you all have a great week......hopefully my next week will be a little more interesting.....haha.
Remember that you're all amazing!
Elder Murray

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