Monday, March 29, 2010

Transfer 2, week 5

Hi everyone!
Wow, we are officially 2/3 of the way through the transfer...wierd......
Ok, so, this week....On Tuesday we taught a member's friend.....we're way excited about it, they seem to be understanding the things we're teaching them, and when we were advertising angolora, she even came up and asked when we could meet again! Ah, it is such a great feeling whenother people ask you when they can learn more.
Let's see, what else...we looked up an inactive on Wednesday, and set up a time to meet her again (more on that later...). On Thursday, we taught Krisztián (it's his friend that we're teaching), and then went out for lunch with him....he took us to this pizza place.....Huggard and I each got a Macho pizza....they were quite large and spicy....very tasty though. After that, we advertised for Angolora for a while....not much to report there.....haha, Elder Huggard gave a flier to a guy, who immediately ripped it up. It was pretty funny, we were both laughing (after he left, of course....). On Friday, we took a bus across the city to teach a lady who is in a wheelchair and can't really see.....she's a pretty good investigator, she asks lots of questions when we teach about the gospel. And, we gave her a Book of Mormon on cd, so she can finally start 'reading' it. She seemed pretty excited about it. After that, we went and advertised for angolora some more. On Saturday, we went to Csöss (it is ridiculously difficult to say....everyone keeps saying that we say it wrong....) for an Elder's Quorum activity. It was at Krisztián's dad's house--they made pörkölt (i think) which is similar to gulyásleves (goulash) and was pretty fun.....Krisztián and I were practicing the languages that we´re learning, so he was talking in English, and I was talking in Hungarian. It was pretty good, even though i didn´t really know a lot of words, it still felt really good to just try and carry on a conversation. It was very encouraging. After that, we got back just in time for Angolóra, which went great! A lady who we had streeted into just a day or two before actually came, and she seems like she would be way interested in the gospel! she really liked the spiritual thought at the end. and, she had been flipping through a conference edition of the Liahona, and asked if she could take it with her to read! it sounds like she´s coming this Saturday, too, so we´re going to see if we can set up a time to meet with her. On Sunday, we went back to the inactive we had looked up on Wednesday, and taught her about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It went really well, and she started talking about her husband who had died exactly 14 years ago that day....she´s got such a strong testimony. The only thing she needs to work on is coming to church--other than that, she is doing absolutely fantastic! It was really good to meet with her.
Yeah, so that´s this week. Sorry if it seemed kind of rambly....oh, i just thought of something else--we finally switched our clocks! and we´re on summer schedule now, so we wake up at 6:30 (instead of 5:30) and go to bed at 10:30 (instead of 9:30). It´s kind of wierd getting used to.
Ah, I just thought of something even better than clocky stuff! General Conference! Ah, I´m so excited! We get to go to Budapest (Krisztián´s taking us) to watch it! I´m so excited! And, there´s an international room where they show it in English! yay, i´ll actually be able to understand it! haha. and, we get to see like three or four sessions live! which means that if anybody else is watching it, we´ll be seeing it at the same time! ah, super wierd to think about, but super exciting! oh, so, i need to tell you all how amazingly full next week is going to be. So, Saturday night we go to Budapest for General Conference. We´ll be there on Sunday too, and then Monday is another Super Pday, so Tuesday will be our day for emailing and Shopping, and then on Wednesday or Thursday, we go back to Budapest for interviews. Wow. lots of stuff going on. We might buy a tie bag when we´re there for interviews, so that should be pretty fun. Then, the next Monday, we´ll be getting the transfer call. ah, it seems like everything´s happening at once. I get super confused whenever Huggard tries to explain our schedule...haha.
Well, that´s about it.....hope you´re all doing great! I miss you all!
Elder Murray
p.s. don´t forget that I will be emailing on Tuesday next week

Monday, March 22, 2010

Transfer 2, week 4

Hi Everyone!
Wow, this week was so fast! holy cow, i can't even belive that it's Monday again! crazy how fast time goes by....
ok, so, i already talked about last Monday, let's see if i can remember anything else....I got my first Hungarian haircut on Tuesday, March 17....pretty exciting......yeah......sweet.......haha. On Thursday, we took a bus to the other side of the city to teach an Angolóra student, and then afterwards we walked over to a less active family's house for a program that we had scheduled.....apparently everyone was sick, so we had to cancel that....we ended up walking to the complete end of the city to wait for the bus......we got back just in time for Angolóra, so that was good. oh gosh though, i'm pretty sure i'm going to die in the summer.....Thursday was pretty warm--i guess not incredibly warm, the sun was just shining, and it was warmer than it had been...gosh, though, i was so warm! gah, i can't imagine how the summer is going to be......i think i'm expecting something like summers at home, just a lot warmer.....and maybe a little bit more humid......mmm, what a perfect combination! haha, yeah.....should be interesting.... :)
Oh gosh, so on Friday, we went to Budapest for Zone Conference.....we actually got there pretty late, because our train should have gotten us there right on time, but it was incredibly, ridiculously slow....but, we didn't miss too was great though, because I saw Elder Lundeen (comp. from the MTC) and Elder Diamond and Elder Proctor (in the group below us at the MTC) and......Elder Anderson! ah, it was crazy wierd, it totally took me straight back to Calculus class.....crazy was great to see him though--he's a senior companion now, and his MTC group goes home at the end of the year--super wierd. That totally seems way soon. It was super cool to see someone from home though!
Saturday was quite the morning, we just stood in the Belváros (a walking street in the middle of the city) and advertised for Angoló was pretty successful, we had quite a few people stop and ask about it.....we still didn't have that many students that afternoon, so maybe we'll see a few more next
After that, we went to visit with an investigator at their house.....she was really struggling with some things, so we talked with her for a while and then gave her a blessing--i actually gave it in English, and Elder Huggard translated for was a really neat experience. After that, we went to McDonald's for dinner with Krisztián (he actually had driven us out to the investigator's house). That's where we took the picture i sent home. Pretty sweet. sorry that's the only picture that's made it so far....i'm planning on sending my card this week though, so hopefully, pictures should be posted sometime in the near future......maybe.....i don't know how long mail
ok, so, today.....we went to Budapest to get our visas! i'm officially allowed to stay in Hungary now! i'm no longer illegal! haha, i don't know if i ever was, it's just kind of fun to say that...haha. yeah, but that's totally the least interesting part of the story. so, we got to the mission home in Budapest (this is starting at the beginning of the day, after we arrived in budapest), said hi to everyone, took some pictures, etc. It was kind of lame, because Elder Lundeen forgot his passport, so he just had to go back to his city. bummer. he would have loved how the day turned out! yeah, so one of the secretary elders and one of the APs drove the mission van and took the younger missionaries, while Sister Steck and I rode with Elder Miller (his companion is a zone leader or something, so he gets to drive). Oh, and we didn't have any directions, or a phone, they just told us to follow them. ha. yeah. Um......let's just say that that was quite difficult. We actually got stuck a few cars behind them, and then we mistook a different car for theirs, followed that one for a while, realized it wasn't theirs, got back on the main road and then stopped at Keleti (don't ask what it is, i have no idea--Elder Miller knows what it is, apparently....?). By some amazing stroke of luck, they found us there, gave us a phone, and then we got to the Hivatal (the place we had to go to get our visas). So, after that, they tried explaining how to get back to the mission home, and we left. They were still waiting for the younger missionaries, so we were completely on our own this time. Pretty intense. We actually managed to find our way back fairly easily...we only had to make one u-turn (don't worry, it was legal). Sister Steck documented the trip,haha it was quite an adventure. Yeah, after that though, Elder Miller, Sister Steck and I played foosball for a while (that looks like it's spelled wrong.....whatever), and then we wandered around a mall with the older missionaries until our train came. We rode back with Sister Steck and her companion--i can't remember her name, it's like Holzafel or something....i just remember that it rhymes with popsicle, because that's what my companion calls her....haha. it was a pretty good train ride though....we talked about our cities and the little adventures we've been having. Sister Steck was talking about some stuff in Utah.....I'm definitely going to have to check some of it out when I'm there for college....haha. Yeah, they're both pretty rad, we had a pretty fun ride back. Although, we had the seat directly over the heater, and the train car was boiling! haha, other tha that, it was a good day.
Yeah, so that was this past week...or, parts from it, at least....yeah. Pretty exciting! I can't believe we're already halfway through this transfer though! The time just keeps going faster and faster....wierd.
Well, I hope you're all doing great, and I want you to know that I always think about you! not in the trunky, i-want-to-come-home kind of way, it's just so encouraging to think of all of you at home supporting me! it's a great feeling!
Well, this is Elder Murray, signing off until next week. nanu nanu (i hope at least some of you got that, otherwise i'll just feel like a, i feel like a nerd anyway. haha :)

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

First picture from Hungary
Picture from outside of Esztergom on the Slovakian border.

transfer 2, week 3

hi everyone!
Wow, big week......let's see if i can remember everything....
On Tuesday, we had splits....Elder Huggard went to Veszprém with Elder Lilyenquist, and I stayed here in Székesfehérvár with Elder Diamond, who was in the group below me at the MTC.....yeah, so it was a first transfer elder with a 2nd transfer elder....pretty fun....actually, we just had Angolóra appointments, so it was pretty was pretty fun to be with him again, it feels like so long since we left the MTC...wierd...haha, i almost forgot, he actually came here on Monday night with his companion, and we had a pretty fun night with them. We made fried cheese......yeah. It tasted pretty good.....and you could pretty much feel it clogging up your stuff...haha. After tuesday, we had a fairly standard week....lot of programs.....we do have someone set to be baptized in May though, so that is pretty exciting.....we will have to see if I am still here, that would be next transfer.
Ok, so, the most interesting day of the week! Monday! Wow, super p-days are pretty intense. It was a national holiday, so we had the entire day to ourselves...first, Krisztián picked us up, then we met Andi and Tibor, and then we drove to Tatabánya to pick up the 4 elders there.....yeah, it got kind of interesting, because they had invited two investigators, which would not have been a problem, except that someone who had planned on coming decided not to, so we only had two cars with ten seats altogether....and 11 people. yeah. so, after kind of sitting at the branch house doing nothing for a while, we managed to find another car (and driver.....haha), and then we got started. We went to Esztergom, which is an amazing cathedral on the Slovakian was way cool, we got to go up on the roof and walk around the dome on the top.....the inside was really cool too--i only took a picture of the organ, because i felt bad taking pictures of anything is a church, after all.....yeah, but it was a lot of fun! it was huge! After that, we went to Visegrád, which is a castle about a half hour away from Esztergomb. That was pretty fun--it was a good thing that it was a holiday, because that meant that the entrance fee was free (otherwise, it would have been pretty expensive....) After that, we went to a little bobsled ride. It was pretty fun. Yeah, so, that was our day. Pretty full. It felt really wierd not doing missionary work that evening.....and it was kind of funny, because there are very few people on the streets on saturdays and sundays, and then nobody was out on Monday, so it felt a little wierd coming outside today and seeing so many people.
Yeah, well, that was pretty much our was pretty fun. It was great having a lot of programs, although it was a little difficult for us to plan for them was still a great feeling though, having so many appointments.
I hope my emails arent too boring......i can never remember anything specific...i need to start writing things down as they happen throughout the week....
well, i hope you all are having a great time! There are times throughout the week where I just kind of think back, and just remembering you all makes me want to work harder! so, even though this probably sounds way cheesy, thanks for the memories! (you know, i kind of like cheesy.....)
Elder Murray

Monday, March 8, 2010

Transfer 2, week 2

HI everyone!
wow....let's see if i can remember everything that happened this, last Monday after emailing and shopping, we went with Krisztián to a viewpoint on a hill was pretty cool....he pretty much loves to hang out with the missionaries, and he's totally awesome! um.....Tuesday and Wednesday were ok.....a lot of programs on Tuesday, and then only one on Wednesday......nothing too memorable though....wait, what am i talking about!? Wednesday was awesome! we started making a sign for Angolóra at the branch house, and the Krisztián called to tell us he was in Pest saying bye to the elders who were going home. He asked if we wanted him to bring us our mail---um, YEAH! It was so great! we got our mail! AH! we had been expecting it next week (this week), but we got it on Wednesday! ah, party! seriously, we were pretty much partying at the branch house.....haha, it was great. So, then we went home for dinner. We ended up ordering a pizza, so we were just kind of sitting in the apartment waiting for dinner and our mail. we were still planning, but our minds weren't exactly quite focused......haha. So, Krisztián came, and we went down to talk to him while we waited for the pizza. After it came, we all just kind of stayed out in the parking lot talking and eating. Oh, and apparently it's really wierd to order pizza at 8 at night......yeah. But after that, we went upstairs to open our mail. it was pretty much another party. yeah. Thanks so much to everyone who sent something! it was so great to get the letters and packages! you're all awesome! On Thursday, we finished the big sign for Angolóra, and then we just stood on the street holding it and passing out fliers. It was kind of boring, but there were a lot of people interested, so that was good....there's a family we've been having individual Angolóras with, and we saw the lady and her sister-in-law...they invited us up to this little cafe that their dad owns, and we got some free hot chocolate--they're all super-cool. The husband/brother used to just travel anywhere with his sister--they've been to pretty much every middle-east country, india, egypt....some other places too, i just can't remember. They all speak really good english though, and they're way fun to talk to--they've all got really good standards, and we have some really good discussions with them.
Ok, so after having hot chocolate and talking with them for a while, we went out and advertised for Angolóra again. My fingers were pretty much falling off--i guess i should remember to take my gloves next time.....Friday was pretty good....a lot of programs....we had dinner with a less-active member and his non-member wife/girlfriend..the lesson was pretty standard and went pretty well, but the dinner.......ha, wasn't bad or anything, just pretty much deep-fried greasiness......mmmm, tasty.....yeah. haha. Then, Saturday was Elder Huggard's birthday, so we baked the cake that his mom sent him. after that, we went to Hantos, which is a little falu (village) about an hour away for a couple programs with some members. The first one was pretty good, and then we had lunch with the second family, and then shared a little spiritual message at the end. At that point, we realized that it was time for the bus to come, so we sprinted over to the bus stop, where a guy told us it had just left. yeah. bummer. so, we went back to the first family to find out when the next bus came at 4:45 (it was about 2:00), which would have been kind of ok, except that we had Angolóra at 4:00. so, we were kind of wondering what to do when Krisztián called to ask about something.....when he found out we were stuck, he offered to come out and give us a ride. He is such a champ! we got back just in time for Angolóra. We keep trying to leave money in his car to pay him back, but he finds it and just gives it's kind of turned into a game now, haha. Yeah, so after Angolóra, we had a birthday party for Elder Huggard. We went and got gyerek pezsgü (don't trust my spelling on that) which is children's champagne--pretty much sparkling cider. it was pretty good, it was just wierd, because it's still sold in the alchohol section (don't worry, it says 'alchohol-free drink' on it). Then, Sunday was good, we had two investigators at church. ha, it was just kind of a pain, because it was fast sunday, and someone gave each of us a candy bar, and then we had a ton of candy and cake from Huggard's birthday, and during weekly planning (which we have every sunday) we usually snack a lot. so, basically, the house was full of very snacky-food, and we were fasting. yeah. but, we made it. haha.
Yeah, so, that was our week. Pretty exciting. Today, we went with Krisztián (hm, who could have guessed that one? haha) to a castle in the city--it was pretty cool. I took pictures...which i will be sending soon....yeah. i'm working on it! sorry it's taking such a long time!
Well, that's about it....thanks again for the letters and everything, and thanks for being so supportive and encouraging! you're all awesome!
Elder Murray

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Transfer 2, week 1

Hi everyone!
ah, so transfer 2 has officially started! ah! super crazy, i cannot believe how fast transfer one went by.....i'm still here in Székesfehérvár with Elder Huggard, and we are both SO glad! this last week, there were just so many things....we're starting to teach some great investigators, and we've seen so many amazing possibilities, and we got some great referrals....there's just so much going on, neither of us really wanted to leave.
Yeah, so this last week...on Tuesday we went on splits with the zone leader and his companion...they came up from Dunaújváros on Monday night, and then we split for all of was pretty fun being able to get to know someone different and seeing how they work and what kind of personalities they have. On Thursday, the AP's (Assistants to the President) came to split with us...that was pretty fun too, one of them actually served here last summer, so he had a good time. I went with the other one to a lunch appointment, which went pretty well...we got a referral, so that was kind of fun. Hm....I actually can't really think of anything else.......we're planning on just walking around the city today to take pictures, so i should be sending those this week for sure (probably) I feel really bad though that i haven't sent the pictures....i'll try to be better with that next time.... :)
wow, i really can't think of anything to, this week was pretty much great--extremely fast though, kind of like the entire transfer. We are so excited to get this next transfer started, this city has so much potential! oh, here's our address if anyone wants to send letters directly to our apartment.....(if it's a package though, just send it the mission home to be safe)

8000 Székesfehérvár
Kodolanyi János 3.

I'm really sorry that this letter is so short, i seriously can't think of anything else to say...I miss you all and hope you're all doing great! Just keep on being the amazing people that I know you all are! :)
Elder Murray