Monday, March 22, 2010

Transfer 2, week 4

Hi Everyone!
Wow, this week was so fast! holy cow, i can't even belive that it's Monday again! crazy how fast time goes by....
ok, so, i already talked about last Monday, let's see if i can remember anything else....I got my first Hungarian haircut on Tuesday, March 17....pretty exciting......yeah......sweet.......haha. On Thursday, we took a bus to the other side of the city to teach an Angolóra student, and then afterwards we walked over to a less active family's house for a program that we had scheduled.....apparently everyone was sick, so we had to cancel that....we ended up walking to the complete end of the city to wait for the bus......we got back just in time for Angolóra, so that was good. oh gosh though, i'm pretty sure i'm going to die in the summer.....Thursday was pretty warm--i guess not incredibly warm, the sun was just shining, and it was warmer than it had been...gosh, though, i was so warm! gah, i can't imagine how the summer is going to be......i think i'm expecting something like summers at home, just a lot warmer.....and maybe a little bit more humid......mmm, what a perfect combination! haha, yeah.....should be interesting.... :)
Oh gosh, so on Friday, we went to Budapest for Zone Conference.....we actually got there pretty late, because our train should have gotten us there right on time, but it was incredibly, ridiculously slow....but, we didn't miss too was great though, because I saw Elder Lundeen (comp. from the MTC) and Elder Diamond and Elder Proctor (in the group below us at the MTC) and......Elder Anderson! ah, it was crazy wierd, it totally took me straight back to Calculus class.....crazy was great to see him though--he's a senior companion now, and his MTC group goes home at the end of the year--super wierd. That totally seems way soon. It was super cool to see someone from home though!
Saturday was quite the morning, we just stood in the Belváros (a walking street in the middle of the city) and advertised for Angoló was pretty successful, we had quite a few people stop and ask about it.....we still didn't have that many students that afternoon, so maybe we'll see a few more next
After that, we went to visit with an investigator at their house.....she was really struggling with some things, so we talked with her for a while and then gave her a blessing--i actually gave it in English, and Elder Huggard translated for was a really neat experience. After that, we went to McDonald's for dinner with Krisztián (he actually had driven us out to the investigator's house). That's where we took the picture i sent home. Pretty sweet. sorry that's the only picture that's made it so far....i'm planning on sending my card this week though, so hopefully, pictures should be posted sometime in the near future......maybe.....i don't know how long mail
ok, so, today.....we went to Budapest to get our visas! i'm officially allowed to stay in Hungary now! i'm no longer illegal! haha, i don't know if i ever was, it's just kind of fun to say that...haha. yeah, but that's totally the least interesting part of the story. so, we got to the mission home in Budapest (this is starting at the beginning of the day, after we arrived in budapest), said hi to everyone, took some pictures, etc. It was kind of lame, because Elder Lundeen forgot his passport, so he just had to go back to his city. bummer. he would have loved how the day turned out! yeah, so one of the secretary elders and one of the APs drove the mission van and took the younger missionaries, while Sister Steck and I rode with Elder Miller (his companion is a zone leader or something, so he gets to drive). Oh, and we didn't have any directions, or a phone, they just told us to follow them. ha. yeah. Um......let's just say that that was quite difficult. We actually got stuck a few cars behind them, and then we mistook a different car for theirs, followed that one for a while, realized it wasn't theirs, got back on the main road and then stopped at Keleti (don't ask what it is, i have no idea--Elder Miller knows what it is, apparently....?). By some amazing stroke of luck, they found us there, gave us a phone, and then we got to the Hivatal (the place we had to go to get our visas). So, after that, they tried explaining how to get back to the mission home, and we left. They were still waiting for the younger missionaries, so we were completely on our own this time. Pretty intense. We actually managed to find our way back fairly easily...we only had to make one u-turn (don't worry, it was legal). Sister Steck documented the trip,haha it was quite an adventure. Yeah, after that though, Elder Miller, Sister Steck and I played foosball for a while (that looks like it's spelled wrong.....whatever), and then we wandered around a mall with the older missionaries until our train came. We rode back with Sister Steck and her companion--i can't remember her name, it's like Holzafel or something....i just remember that it rhymes with popsicle, because that's what my companion calls her....haha. it was a pretty good train ride though....we talked about our cities and the little adventures we've been having. Sister Steck was talking about some stuff in Utah.....I'm definitely going to have to check some of it out when I'm there for college....haha. Yeah, they're both pretty rad, we had a pretty fun ride back. Although, we had the seat directly over the heater, and the train car was boiling! haha, other tha that, it was a good day.
Yeah, so that was this past week...or, parts from it, at least....yeah. Pretty exciting! I can't believe we're already halfway through this transfer though! The time just keeps going faster and faster....wierd.
Well, I hope you're all doing great, and I want you to know that I always think about you! not in the trunky, i-want-to-come-home kind of way, it's just so encouraging to think of all of you at home supporting me! it's a great feeling!
Well, this is Elder Murray, signing off until next week. nanu nanu (i hope at least some of you got that, otherwise i'll just feel like a, i feel like a nerd anyway. haha :)

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