Monday, March 8, 2010

Transfer 2, week 2

HI everyone!
wow....let's see if i can remember everything that happened this, last Monday after emailing and shopping, we went with Krisztián to a viewpoint on a hill was pretty cool....he pretty much loves to hang out with the missionaries, and he's totally awesome! um.....Tuesday and Wednesday were ok.....a lot of programs on Tuesday, and then only one on Wednesday......nothing too memorable though....wait, what am i talking about!? Wednesday was awesome! we started making a sign for Angolóra at the branch house, and the Krisztián called to tell us he was in Pest saying bye to the elders who were going home. He asked if we wanted him to bring us our mail---um, YEAH! It was so great! we got our mail! AH! we had been expecting it next week (this week), but we got it on Wednesday! ah, party! seriously, we were pretty much partying at the branch house.....haha, it was great. So, then we went home for dinner. We ended up ordering a pizza, so we were just kind of sitting in the apartment waiting for dinner and our mail. we were still planning, but our minds weren't exactly quite focused......haha. So, Krisztián came, and we went down to talk to him while we waited for the pizza. After it came, we all just kind of stayed out in the parking lot talking and eating. Oh, and apparently it's really wierd to order pizza at 8 at night......yeah. But after that, we went upstairs to open our mail. it was pretty much another party. yeah. Thanks so much to everyone who sent something! it was so great to get the letters and packages! you're all awesome! On Thursday, we finished the big sign for Angolóra, and then we just stood on the street holding it and passing out fliers. It was kind of boring, but there were a lot of people interested, so that was good....there's a family we've been having individual Angolóras with, and we saw the lady and her sister-in-law...they invited us up to this little cafe that their dad owns, and we got some free hot chocolate--they're all super-cool. The husband/brother used to just travel anywhere with his sister--they've been to pretty much every middle-east country, india, egypt....some other places too, i just can't remember. They all speak really good english though, and they're way fun to talk to--they've all got really good standards, and we have some really good discussions with them.
Ok, so after having hot chocolate and talking with them for a while, we went out and advertised for Angolóra again. My fingers were pretty much falling off--i guess i should remember to take my gloves next time.....Friday was pretty good....a lot of programs....we had dinner with a less-active member and his non-member wife/girlfriend..the lesson was pretty standard and went pretty well, but the dinner.......ha, wasn't bad or anything, just pretty much deep-fried greasiness......mmmm, tasty.....yeah. haha. Then, Saturday was Elder Huggard's birthday, so we baked the cake that his mom sent him. after that, we went to Hantos, which is a little falu (village) about an hour away for a couple programs with some members. The first one was pretty good, and then we had lunch with the second family, and then shared a little spiritual message at the end. At that point, we realized that it was time for the bus to come, so we sprinted over to the bus stop, where a guy told us it had just left. yeah. bummer. so, we went back to the first family to find out when the next bus came at 4:45 (it was about 2:00), which would have been kind of ok, except that we had Angolóra at 4:00. so, we were kind of wondering what to do when Krisztián called to ask about something.....when he found out we were stuck, he offered to come out and give us a ride. He is such a champ! we got back just in time for Angolóra. We keep trying to leave money in his car to pay him back, but he finds it and just gives it's kind of turned into a game now, haha. Yeah, so after Angolóra, we had a birthday party for Elder Huggard. We went and got gyerek pezsgü (don't trust my spelling on that) which is children's champagne--pretty much sparkling cider. it was pretty good, it was just wierd, because it's still sold in the alchohol section (don't worry, it says 'alchohol-free drink' on it). Then, Sunday was good, we had two investigators at church. ha, it was just kind of a pain, because it was fast sunday, and someone gave each of us a candy bar, and then we had a ton of candy and cake from Huggard's birthday, and during weekly planning (which we have every sunday) we usually snack a lot. so, basically, the house was full of very snacky-food, and we were fasting. yeah. but, we made it. haha.
Yeah, so, that was our week. Pretty exciting. Today, we went with Krisztián (hm, who could have guessed that one? haha) to a castle in the city--it was pretty cool. I took pictures...which i will be sending soon....yeah. i'm working on it! sorry it's taking such a long time!
Well, that's about it....thanks again for the letters and everything, and thanks for being so supportive and encouraging! you're all awesome!
Elder Murray

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