Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Transfer 2, week 1

Hi everyone!
ah, so transfer 2 has officially started! ah! super crazy, i cannot believe how fast transfer one went by.....i'm still here in Székesfehérvár with Elder Huggard, and we are both SO glad! this last week, there were just so many things....we're starting to teach some great investigators, and we've seen so many amazing possibilities, and we got some great referrals....there's just so much going on, neither of us really wanted to leave.
Yeah, so this last week...on Tuesday we went on splits with the zone leader and his companion...they came up from Dunaújváros on Monday night, and then we split for all of Tuesday...it was pretty fun being able to get to know someone different and seeing how they work and what kind of personalities they have. On Thursday, the AP's (Assistants to the President) came to split with us...that was pretty fun too, one of them actually served here last summer, so he had a good time. I went with the other one to a lunch appointment, which went pretty well...we got a referral, so that was kind of fun. Hm....I actually can't really think of anything else.......we're planning on just walking around the city today to take pictures, so i should be sending those this week for sure (probably) I feel really bad though that i haven't sent the pictures....i'll try to be better with that next time.... :)
wow, i really can't think of anything to write.....hm.....well, this week was pretty much great--extremely fast though, kind of like the entire transfer. We are so excited to get this next transfer started, this city has so much potential! oh, here's our address if anyone wants to send letters directly to our apartment.....(if it's a package though, just send it the mission home to be safe)

8000 Székesfehérvár
Kodolanyi János 3.

I'm really sorry that this letter is so short, i seriously can't think of anything else to say...I miss you all and hope you're all doing great! Just keep on being the amazing people that I know you all are! :)
Elder Murray

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