Monday, February 22, 2010

Transfer 1, Week 6

Hi everyone!
yeah, that's pretty much all i can say about this past week. It was very....unexpected? Yeah, so, on Monday, we taught an Angolora student, and he seemed really interested in reading the Book of Mormon...he had a few questions, and that's always so great, because it really shows that they're was pretty cool. On Tuesday, we went to Veszprém for District Meeting, and that was pretty fun...the best part was that we got to go on splits! I stayed in Veszprém with Elder Lilyenquist, and his companion, Elder Nauman, went with Elder Huggard back to Székesfehérvár. It was pretty cool getting to spend time in another city with a different person and getting to see how they was way fun! On Wednesday, we split back, and that evening, Elder Huggard and I got to teach 3 Angolora was cool because they're all about 20 years old, and they seemed pretty interested, so it will be fun to see where that goes. Thursday was pretty good...not much to report....I gave my first blessing in Hungarian.....interesting.....I just did the first part, so I just had to read it. We also went to the Branch house to help someone get their car out of the snow....I got to back out the car while they, i don't know why, it just felt really wierd to be in the driver's seat, even just for those few minutes....i hope i remember how to drive when i get back...haha, just kidding. Yeah, but the guy's name was Ted Kelly (or Kelly Ted....they've switched it for Hungarian, and I don't know which is his last name....) he's the facilities director for our mission, and he lives in Budapest...he was pretty cool, he came here on his mission in '97 or something, and he's been living here since about 2003.
Haha, Friday...oh, we went with Tibor to get some stuff for the Farsang Buli (Tradition Party? maybe.......) that the Branch was having on Saturday.....actually, he got stuff for that, and we got stuff for our Mexican Night at a member's house on Sunday. It got kind of expensive, but we were still wondering if we'd have enough.....That night, we made the salsa......and ended up with about 5 kilos......i don't know how much that is in pounds, but we filled two pretty big tupperware containers and a jar, so it was a lot! Then, on Saturday, we made our costumes for the Farsang Buli....Elder Huggard made a pretty intense costume.....we were both robots.....actually, if we want to be specific, i was definitely an android from Star Trek.....oh yes, i am definitely a nerd.....haha, but it was fun though. The party went well, and afterwards we were finally able to meet with an investigator that i hadn't met before....she hasn't been able to come because of the weather, so this is the first time i had met her. After we got home, we made fajita and burrito filling and tacos.......we should have been able to tell because of the salsa, but we made a ton. yeah. we also made a lot of tortillas. then on sunday, after church, we made more tortillas. Then we went to the member's flat, heated everything up and had dinner. Everyone really liked it (we had to keep explaining how to fold the torillas), and we managed to teach a great lesson afterwards (we're even meeting with them again!) Yeah, so everything went really well! we were super happy! and, we pretty much have enough food to last us the entire week.......each person had maybe one or two things (fajitas or burritos) and then they were done eating. So.............looks like we'll be eating those for this week. it's not that bad though, everything tastes really good, szerintünk (according to us), so the only bad thing will be the monotony......ha, it won't be that bad for me though, i've had corn flakes for every breakfast and pasta for every, i'm ready....haha.
Yeah, so that was this week. We're emailing kinda late today because we went with a member to a castle in a falu (village). It was pretty fun. really cold though. but fun.
Well, i hope you're all doing great! I can't believe that we're starting the last full week of this transfer.....if we get a call next monday, one of us will be going to a different city.....wierd....but, i'm excited for whatever happens!
I miss you all, and hope you all know how amazing you are!
Elder Murray

P.S. We met with Tibor one night, and he shared a scripture with us that he found while he was studying. It's D&C 111:11. It's way cool. I can't remember it exactly right now, but it is such an encouraging verse! we read the whole section, and it's pretty much golden for missionary work. seriously, we could just shove in the name of whatever city we're serving in, consider members and investigators as the treasure, and we've got a formula for success! it was way cool that he found that and shared it with us.....we're all super excited to do our absolute best now!
I love you all and miss all of you!
Elder Murray

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