Monday, March 29, 2010

Transfer 2, week 5

Hi everyone!
Wow, we are officially 2/3 of the way through the transfer...wierd......
Ok, so, this week....On Tuesday we taught a member's friend.....we're way excited about it, they seem to be understanding the things we're teaching them, and when we were advertising angolora, she even came up and asked when we could meet again! Ah, it is such a great feeling whenother people ask you when they can learn more.
Let's see, what else...we looked up an inactive on Wednesday, and set up a time to meet her again (more on that later...). On Thursday, we taught Krisztián (it's his friend that we're teaching), and then went out for lunch with him....he took us to this pizza place.....Huggard and I each got a Macho pizza....they were quite large and spicy....very tasty though. After that, we advertised for Angolora for a while....not much to report there.....haha, Elder Huggard gave a flier to a guy, who immediately ripped it up. It was pretty funny, we were both laughing (after he left, of course....). On Friday, we took a bus across the city to teach a lady who is in a wheelchair and can't really see.....she's a pretty good investigator, she asks lots of questions when we teach about the gospel. And, we gave her a Book of Mormon on cd, so she can finally start 'reading' it. She seemed pretty excited about it. After that, we went and advertised for angolora some more. On Saturday, we went to Csöss (it is ridiculously difficult to say....everyone keeps saying that we say it wrong....) for an Elder's Quorum activity. It was at Krisztián's dad's house--they made pörkölt (i think) which is similar to gulyásleves (goulash) and was pretty fun.....Krisztián and I were practicing the languages that we´re learning, so he was talking in English, and I was talking in Hungarian. It was pretty good, even though i didn´t really know a lot of words, it still felt really good to just try and carry on a conversation. It was very encouraging. After that, we got back just in time for Angolóra, which went great! A lady who we had streeted into just a day or two before actually came, and she seems like she would be way interested in the gospel! she really liked the spiritual thought at the end. and, she had been flipping through a conference edition of the Liahona, and asked if she could take it with her to read! it sounds like she´s coming this Saturday, too, so we´re going to see if we can set up a time to meet with her. On Sunday, we went back to the inactive we had looked up on Wednesday, and taught her about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It went really well, and she started talking about her husband who had died exactly 14 years ago that day....she´s got such a strong testimony. The only thing she needs to work on is coming to church--other than that, she is doing absolutely fantastic! It was really good to meet with her.
Yeah, so that´s this week. Sorry if it seemed kind of rambly....oh, i just thought of something else--we finally switched our clocks! and we´re on summer schedule now, so we wake up at 6:30 (instead of 5:30) and go to bed at 10:30 (instead of 9:30). It´s kind of wierd getting used to.
Ah, I just thought of something even better than clocky stuff! General Conference! Ah, I´m so excited! We get to go to Budapest (Krisztián´s taking us) to watch it! I´m so excited! And, there´s an international room where they show it in English! yay, i´ll actually be able to understand it! haha. and, we get to see like three or four sessions live! which means that if anybody else is watching it, we´ll be seeing it at the same time! ah, super wierd to think about, but super exciting! oh, so, i need to tell you all how amazingly full next week is going to be. So, Saturday night we go to Budapest for General Conference. We´ll be there on Sunday too, and then Monday is another Super Pday, so Tuesday will be our day for emailing and Shopping, and then on Wednesday or Thursday, we go back to Budapest for interviews. Wow. lots of stuff going on. We might buy a tie bag when we´re there for interviews, so that should be pretty fun. Then, the next Monday, we´ll be getting the transfer call. ah, it seems like everything´s happening at once. I get super confused whenever Huggard tries to explain our schedule...haha.
Well, that´s about it.....hope you´re all doing great! I miss you all!
Elder Murray
p.s. don´t forget that I will be emailing on Tuesday next week

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