Tuesday, March 16, 2010

transfer 2, week 3

hi everyone!
Wow, big week......let's see if i can remember everything....
On Tuesday, we had splits....Elder Huggard went to Veszprém with Elder Lilyenquist, and I stayed here in Székesfehérvár with Elder Diamond, who was in the group below me at the MTC.....yeah, so it was a first transfer elder with a 2nd transfer elder....pretty fun....actually, we just had Angolóra appointments, so it was pretty easy....it was pretty fun to be with him again, it feels like so long since we left the MTC...wierd...haha, i almost forgot, he actually came here on Monday night with his companion, and we had a pretty fun night with them. We made fried cheese......yeah. It tasted pretty good.....and you could pretty much feel it clogging up your arteries....fun stuff...haha. After tuesday, we had a fairly standard week....lot of programs.....we do have someone set to be baptized in May though, so that is pretty exciting.....we will have to see if I am still here, that would be next transfer.
Ok, so, the most interesting day of the week! Monday! Wow, super p-days are pretty intense. It was a national holiday, so we had the entire day to ourselves...first, Krisztián picked us up, then we met Andi and Tibor, and then we drove to Tatabánya to pick up the 4 elders there.....yeah, it got kind of interesting, because they had invited two investigators, which would not have been a problem, except that someone who had planned on coming decided not to, so we only had two cars with ten seats altogether....and 11 people. yeah. so, after kind of sitting at the branch house doing nothing for a while, we managed to find another car (and driver.....haha), and then we got started. We went to Esztergom, which is an amazing cathedral on the Slovakian border.....it was way cool, we got to go up on the roof and walk around the dome on the top.....the inside was really cool too--i only took a picture of the organ, because i felt bad taking pictures of anything else....it is a church, after all.....yeah, but it was a lot of fun! it was huge! After that, we went to Visegrád, which is a castle about a half hour away from Esztergomb. That was pretty fun--it was a good thing that it was a holiday, because that meant that the entrance fee was free (otherwise, it would have been pretty expensive....) After that, we went to a little bobsled ride. It was pretty fun. Yeah, so, that was our day. Pretty full. It felt really wierd not doing missionary work that evening.....and it was kind of funny, because there are very few people on the streets on saturdays and sundays, and then nobody was out on Monday, so it felt a little wierd coming outside today and seeing so many people.
Yeah, well, that was pretty much our week.....it was pretty fun. It was great having a lot of programs, although it was a little difficult for us to plan for them all......it was still a great feeling though, having so many appointments.
I hope my emails arent too boring......i can never remember anything specific...i need to start writing things down as they happen throughout the week....
well, i hope you all are having a great time! There are times throughout the week where I just kind of think back, and just remembering you all makes me want to work harder! so, even though this probably sounds way cheesy, thanks for the memories! (you know, i kind of like cheesy.....)
Elder Murray

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