Monday, April 26, 2010

Transfer 3, week 3

HI everyone!
oh gosh, it's already about halfway through transfer 3! ah!
so, things are going pretty good here.....not much new...the other elders finally moved into their own apartment, so it's just Elder Bird and me in our apartment. We kind of miss having them around to talk to and have fun with, but it's a lot easier to study and get ready and focus now. And, we still get together for Sunday lunches or palacsinta nights, so we still get to spend time with them. And, when we have huge blocks of streeting time, we got on little mini district splits to kind of break up the monotony. it's interesting getting to see everyone's different style, and it's fun being able to split with Elder Hommes--i've been able to see his improvement in the language, so that's been kind of cool.
So, one of our investigators should be setting a baptismal date this week! we are so excited for her! she was finally able to come to church yesterday, and she really enjoyed it. It was so great to see her there, and it was such a good feeling when she said that she really liked it. She seems to be really serious about finding out for herself if it's true, and not just depending on her friend's testimony. That is so awesome to see, and it just kind of reminds me that we all need to find out for ourselves, not just go off of others' testimonies.
Elder Bird is such an awesome companion! it's been really fun being able to serve with him. This is his first time being senior companion, but i think he's doing great! we have a lot of fun together. i really hope we get to serve another transfer together, he's�a really awesome guy. I'm also getting to know the branch members a lot better, which has been fun. Quite a few of them have made comments about how i've been improving in the language, which is extremely encouraging! I just hope that i can continue to improve.
Well, that's about it for this week......we have a super p-day on saturday, and i think we might be going to Tihany again.....that would be way fun, even though i've already been there.....hopefully a few branch members should be going too, so we should have a pretty good siyed group going. And we have Zone Conference the day before, as well as a waffle night. We're just starting the waffle night here--they've had one in Budapest for a while--so that should be pretty exciting. I'll let you all know how it turns out!
I hope you all have a great week! Keep being awesome!
Elder Murray

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