Monday, May 3, 2010

Transfer 3, Week 4

HI everyone!
oh wow, this transfer is going by way too fast! I really hope i get to stay with Elder Bird another transfer, he's really a great elder, and we've been having a really good time together. ah, and i was told that i'm at my 6 month mark! that is so amazingly ridiculous to think about! i can't even believe how fast the time is going by, i hadn't even noticed it had been that long! it's difficult to look back and say exactly how long i've been out here....usually i just think about it, and it's like "oh yeah, i've been serving with Elder Bird for a little bit, before that i was with Elder Huggard, and before that i was at the MTC......that does not sound like 6 months at all! It's almost kind of scary to think about, just because it really emphasizes how short this time really is, and how we really need to use every minute.
ok, so aside from that...... :)
this week was pretty good.....we had zone conference on Friday, which was really good (As usual... :). Elder Hommes and I went on splits so we could leave early to get Gofri Est started....our companions stayed to hear the departing testimonies. We made it back alright, we just had to stand the entire time in the bike car because the train was completely packed. It actually wasn't that bad, just kind of noisy......not too uncomfortable though, i wouldn't mind having to do it again.....haha, although i must say, a seat is much more desireable... :) So, we got back to Syékesfehérvár, and saw Brigi (one of our investigators) at the train station...apparently she had just arrived too, and was waiting for István (a member here). So, we waited with her, and István gave us a ride to the branch house. We had a pretty fun Gofri Est (Waffle Night), three students from Angolóra showed up, and we managed to set up a program with one of them. so, that was pretty much the highlight of Gofri Est. Oh! And Brigi had her baptismal interview, which she passed! She is getting baptized on May 8th, this Saturday! we are so excited for her! she's really looking forward to it. It's kind of exciting, because i've known her since we started teaching her, and now i'm going to be here for her baptism! It's been really cool to see her progression and the change in her as she's learned about the gospel. She is going to be such a blessing to this branch!
ok, so, to some less exciting news....Saturday was super pday, so we had a lot of time....haha. Elders Liljenquist and Diamond came over from Veszprém, the secretaries (Elder Recksiek and Chiarelli (i have no idea how to spell their names.....)) came from Budapest, and then it was all four of us from here in Székes, along with Krisztián and Andi from the branch. Krisztián and Andi drove, and we went to the Balatoni Bob (a bobsled ride...thingy....), and then we went to a little touristy greek village was kind of cool...... :) after that, we went to Tihany, which was great! haha, even though it was my second time going, it was still really fun! we had a ton of people, and we just had a good time with each other. We also ran into Elder Pickard and Elder Davis (i think.....?) from Dunaújváros in Tihany...they had driven up separately...elder Pickard is the zone leader, and Elder Davis is his greenie.....he's in Hommes' MTC group, and he played football (maybe those of you who work at the MTC know who he is....i probably got his name wrong, there were a ton of new missionaries this transfer). So, after Tihany, we went to a city on the coast of the Balaton (don't worry, we had permission) was really pretty. after that, we came home and walked through a little festival was for mayday, there was just a ton of little stands set up in the street. it was pretty fun.
So, that was our week.....not much else.....we're super excited for the baptism this week, and should hopefully be getting some new investigators this week......
oh wait! we had a pretty cool experience on Sunday....elder Bird and i were heading home from streeting, when some 23 year old guy just stopped us and started talking to us.....he was really cool, and we taught him a lesson in the park (like, about the gospel....we didn't beat him up... :) He was really cool, and wants to meet with us was just a really cool experience, because it was the first lesson that i had taught on the street, and we had had absolutely no other success that entire day.....and a lot of stuff led up to us being where we were when we was really cool, and just goes to show that the Lord does prepare people to hear the gospel, and when we are receptive to the Holy Ghost, He will lead us to them.
Well, i hope you all had a great week, and continue to have a great time leading up to Mother's Day! Happy Mother's Day!
Elder Murray

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