Monday, May 17, 2010

Transfer 3, Week 6

HI everyone!
oh wow, this is the last week of the transfer! It has gone by so fast--I've really been having a great time serving with Elder Bird...we were both talking about the time, and how fast this transfer has gone's a little discouraging, because it's difficult to look back and pick out specific successes that we've seen here...but, we've both had a great time serving together and learning from each other.
Our week has been pretty normal....we've actually just pretty much been doing a lot of finding because all but one of our investigators couldn't meet...bummer....but, we managed to talk to a lot of people.
Oh gosh, so the weather right now is pretty ridiculous. It is really windy (ha, it's actually kind of fun to watch people walking in it....we always try to see how far we can lean into it), and pretty rainy. it's actually been a little less rainy lately--when it first started, we were just getting pelted in the face with little ice bits. now it's just really windy. we've been doing a ton of tracting, because streeting is pretty much can't hear anything, and people are just getting blown all over the place. we actually have seen a little bit more success with that (tracting). After church, we went tracting, and actually got 3 finds in two hours--probably one of the most effective times I have had here. I guess it just kind of shows that when we're willing to serve the Lord, even when the situation isn't exactly desirable, He will bless us for our effort. which kind of leads to something i said in one of my other emails to somebody (sorry, i can't remember what i said to who when.....i hope that made sense...)....When we are in the service of the Lord and others, all we have to give is our all, and then He'll be there to help us give even more. And after that, He will bless us.
Sunday was actually a really interesting day...Krisztián asked me to give him the Melchizedik Priesthood, so that was kind of interesting. He told me just before church, and then Tibor wrote down the words for the first part for me about 5 minutes was a really special experience, that's actually the first time i've actually been the one to say the words--in Hungarian or English.....which actually made me really grateful that it isn't always the spoken words that matter so much as the meaning they are meant to convey--i made a ton of mistakes during the blessing (whenever i paused to think about what to say next, that was when i made the most mistakes, but when i just started talking, I did a lot better) but he was just really grateful and said i did great--it was really encouraging. He's such a great guy, and he's going to be such a blessing to this branch.
After that, we had a program with an Angolóra student, and pretty much just taught about the gospel. At the end, Elder Bird extended the baptismal invitation, and he said he would be baptized when he knows it's true. it was really cool, and a great reminder that when we're straightforward with people, they are a lot less likely to reject what we have.
yeah, so those were the highlights from the week.....not much else going on....
I hope you all had a great week, and I hope you all have a great time this week! Talk to you later!
Elder Murray
p.s. oh, and if anyone is thinking of sending mail, they might want to send it to the mission home--i don't know if i'll be staying here or not, we'll be getting transfer calls next Monday (gah, that is so wierd to think about....)

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