Sunday, May 30, 2010

Transfer 4, Week 1

Hello everyone!
Ok, first of all, sorry about the lateness of this email....Sunday was Pentecost, so all the stores were closed on Monday as well, including the internet place. Also, on Monday, we got transfer calls......well, it finally happened: I'm leaving Székesfehérvár. I'm going to Miskolc, to be the zone leader's companion. I've heard different things about Miskolc.....most of the people say it's not too pretty, but it has a relatively strong branch, and according to one of our angolóra students, they speak very good Hungarian there, so (according to him) i should be able to progress pretty good in the language. I gotta say, I'm really bummed about leaving here. I made quite a few really good friends, and it's going to be extremely wierd going to another city. At the same time though, I am super excited--it's a new city, we have a car, I get my own cell phone (actually, those last two things might not be so good.. :) and i get to see Elder Brockman at zone leader council--he's going to be the zone leader in Hodmezövásárhely (sorry to the Hungarian speakers who read this if i spelled that wrong...). And, I've heard that my new companion, Elder Lynn, is amazing, so I'm really looking forward to serving with him. plus, there's a possibility that i could get a whip..... :)
Yeah, so that's pretty much the big news for the week.....Elder Bird and I had a fantastic last week together, and we're both kind of bummed that we don't get to serve another transfer together. But, the Lord needs me in Miskolc, so I'm going. It's kind of cool too, the elder coming to replace me will be Elder Proctor, who was in the group below me at the MTC. And, hopefully I'll be able to see Elder Lundeen and Elder Miller at transfers--i believe they're moving too.
so, that was our week....a lot of work, somewhat better weather (yeah, it stopped raining a ton, and now it's really hot. nice.). We had a pretty fun p-day. we played Risk with Tibi (don't worry, board games are allowed on pday), and then we went with Andi, Tibi, and the Jamrikék to a lake for some ice cream, and then we came back to Székes and played a game in the park--everyone wrote down a name of a well-known person, and then passed it to the person on their right (without letting them see). So, everyone knows who everyone else is, but they don't know who they are, so the point of the game is to ask everyone else yes or no questions about yourself and try to find out who you are. It was really fun. I was the second-to-last person to find out who i was (batman). after that, we came home and i started packing.....funfunfun., i guess i'll get my new address sent out next week, when i actually know it...I hope you all have a great week, and I guess I'll talk to you all next week (from Miskolc!)
Jók legyetek! (should that ó have an accent?)
Elder Murray

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