Wednesday, November 18, 2009

2nd week at the MTC

My second week at the MTC has been great! The language is starting to come a little easier now, because even though we have to learn a TON of charts (verb conjugation, possession, pronoun endings, etc., etc.) they all have similarities, so now that I've noticed that, they should be easier to memorize...and some of the vocab is easy too because it's what we use in the lessons and stuff.
Oh, Sister Nieman will be happy to know that I got my first haircut today, and it looks pretty good (if I do say so myself...haha).
Ah, so the mail has been driving me crazy! It takes a few days for me to recieve anything that you send me, and then a few days for you to send a reply, so by the time you get my answer to your first letter, you've probably already sent another one! That's ok though, I love getting mail, even if it's about something that I wrote about in my last one...haha. Oh, and send pictures. and more letters. and anything. I love getting letters! And I'll try to send replies to most, if not all of them, it's just difficult because we're only allowed to write letters on Wednesday......I can do it though! We have a pretty big chunk of free time, and when we do laundry, while we're waiting we can write as well.
Ah, so I'm getting so excited for December to get here! They've been putting up Christmas lights since we got here, and they're still going at it! I can't wait to see what they look like all lit up! And, I'm still waiting for this Utah snow that I've always heard about...when does it usually snow? Because so far there's been one day of rain, one day of (extremely light) snow, and the rest have all been sunny and clear! They're still pretty cold though...
Oh gosh, everyone keeps talking about college because most of them went to a semester or two before coming out here, and I'm getting so excited to go to college here! The mountains are seriously like, 15 minutes away! I could go hiking every week! But, I'm trying to ignore that for now, and just focus on my mission...haha.

Ah! So, guess who spoke at the Sunday night fireside?! I'll just tell you because I don't want to wait a week for you to ask me who--it was Sheri Dew. For those of you who don't know who she is, she's the president and ceo of Deseret Book....she gave an awesome talk! A member of the presiding bishopric spoke at the Tuesday devotional, and his talk was great too. Ah! AND I found out that the mission president in Hungary right now invented the Tickle-Me-Elmo! Ah, I like him already.
I am getting sooooo excited to get out in the field! I know you're not supposed to stress about stuff at the MTC because it's all just practice and it's just supposed to help you, but.....I stress! It's just what I do....I feel like it will be better out in the field, because by then I should have at least the basics of the language down. That's what's got me the most stressed right now.....Oh, and if my English progressively gets harder to understand, especially when I'm actually IN Hungary, don't worry....It's just because Hungarian word order is crazy wierd.....they talk like Yoda! Like, if i wanted to say "I need a pen", the literal translation from Hungarian to English would be "My need it exists onto a pen." Crazy. Even stuff like "I'm tired" translates to "Tired I am". Ah, but I can't wait until I'm completely fluent....returned missionaries come to the TRC so we can practice teaching, and it sounds so awesome and flawless when they speak! And, I'll be going to BYU, so I'll be able to come and do that when I get back! So excited!
Plus, apparently missionaries from most other districts don't really stay that close, but missionaries from Hungary apparently are a really close-knit group.
Well, I've only got a few minutes left, but I just want to say how much I love all of you! It's such an amazing feeling being here, because although I sometimes think about you all, I don't feel any homesickness or longing, I'm just so excited to be serving the Lord and doing His work, there's no time or energy left to devote to being homesick! I wish everybody could feel the things I feel down here, it is just so amazing!
Well, talk to you all later, and again, I love you all!
Murray Elder
p.s. send me mail! everyone else gets a ton! haha...but seriously, mail is so fun to get! and don't forget pictures!

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