Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Nov 11 e-mail from Kyle

Hi everybody!
So, it's officially been one week since I arrived here at the MTC. It has been so awesome! The language has been difficult at first, but it seems to be getting easier...I think the hardest thing is going to be memorizing each word...and it's kind of funny because every time we learn something, I think about how I would say it in German....I mean, it's cool that I still remember how to speak German (at least a little bit), but it can make learning Hungarian a little more difficult.
So, besides learning Hungarian, we've also been studying out of "Preach My Gospel" which is, pretty much, amazing. There is so much stuff in it that I probably never would have thought of...but it is all so heplful!
I think the most stressful thing right now is the TE and TRC...that's where we go to practice teaching investigators (they're actually teachers and returned missionaries)...I can usually plan out what I want to say pretty well before we go in, but then my mind just kind of goes blank....
So, my companions here are Miller Elder and Lundeen Elder (Hungarian is the only language where the last name comes before the Elder....everyone else thinks it's a typo, so we have to explain at least once a day...haha). In our district there's only us and Steck Nover (Sister Steck), so it's pretty tiny...she's also a solo sister, so we usually have to escort here everywhere...unless she's with her roommate sisters, but they're all going to Albania, so that can be difficult for her.
One of the most fun things we do here is the RC (Referral Center). What we do is call people who have ordered things from the church--although we also take calls from people who see the commercials, and we get to chat online with people who ask questions on It's funny though, becuase everyone wants to do a chat, so as soon as one pops up, everybody tries to click it first on their computer...this last week we went there for the first time, and we just tried to contact people who had ordered things....I didn't talk to ANYBODY the whole time because they all lived in the midwest and the east coast, so it would have been really late...
The meals here are awesome too! There's usually at least one thing on the menu that I would like, and when there's not, I just hop in a line, and the food is great anyway! Well, sometimes it's just good....haha. Every Sunday and Wednesday we get ice cream! Too bad they don't have pistachio....that recently became my favorite flavor...haha.
So, Wednesdays are our district's Preparation Days, so those will be the only days that I can write or send emails. I can recieve emails and letters any day though (I won't read the emails until Wednesday) so send letters as often as you want! Ha, whenever one elder recieves mail, all the other ones are's pretty funny. Um, apparently there's a website called Dear Elder where you can type a message and they'll send it to the MTC for free...I think they start charging postage as soon as I get out in the field though....I don't know.
OK.....i only have about 12 minutes left on here...ah! The time goes by so quickly!
Today was our first P-Day, and it was awesome! We got to go to the temple this morning, and it was such a neat experience! The room was full of missionaries! And we get to go every Wednesday! I'm really looking forward to that, I love going to the temple.
Another great part of the MTC is firesides every Sunday night and devotionals every Tuesday night...both of those were awesome this week....a member of the first council of the 70 came Tuesday and he's in charge of temple stuff, so that was what he talked about....we had a testimony-meeting-type-thing afterwards, and it was so amazing...I love the temple! And I love that I can be out here preparing to serve the Lord and the people of Hungary!
God be with you (all) till we meet again!
Murray Elder
P.S. Anyone who wants to should send me pictures, because I meant to bring some with me, but I forgot, so my wall is looking pretty sad right now....haha. Oh, and I forgot to tell Uncle Bret in my letter to him, but Marceil Elder is one of our zone leaders....he told me that he remembered meeting you at the temple! Cool!

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