Saturday, February 19, 2011

Transfer 10, Week 3

Hi everyone!
Well, not too much happened this week....we had zone conferences this past week, so we got to see everyone, that was a lot of fun. The zone conferences were also really great, we reviewed the things that we learned at the three-day trainings back in september, did some role plays, the usual. Sister Baughman gave a training on how to lead music, since a lot of the people in charge of it out in the branches don't know how to, so now we can go and teach them. it was really funny, because we did some practice ones, and on the 2/3/4th beats, it just kind of looked like a mess, but then on the upbeat, everyone raised their hands, and it just looked really comical. so that was a fun part....the role plays were really good, we did one on teaching through the guidance of the Holy Ghost, so we had a "missionary" sitting facing an "investigator", and the "Holy Ghost" sat behind the "investigator" and held up ques for the "missionary". it was pretty fun, and really helped illustrate how much the Holy Ghost helps in teaching.
so, every night this week i've been helping the senior sisters get ready for the farsang party (farsang is kind of the hungarian equivalent of american halloween......although, they don't go around asking for candy....i guess the only similarity is that they dress up.) so, we made a Death Star pinata, and i must say, it turned out pretty sweet......the party was really fun, one of the members made a ton of donuts (they were super delicious!) and it was really fun to see the different costumes. my camera died pretty early through everything, but i managed to get a video of a group of members from Tatabánya who put together a dance. it was pretty cool. so, all in all, a pretty fun night. i think that one wore me out more than the new year's one, even though we got home a lot earlier from it. the senior sisters said it was probably the best party they've ever had. it was a lot of fun.
so, that's the news for this week...i'll try to get some pictures sent off pretty soon here.
well, so long until next week!
Elder Murray

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