Saturday, February 5, 2011

Transfer 10, Week 1

Hello everyone!
yeah, so, it is officially my tenth transfer here in the country! it feels super wierd, in two transfers, i'll be as old as my trainer (missionly speaking) when i served with him! wierd.....
ok, well, you all may be happy to know that i finally remembered what i wanted to say last week! Although, i may have already talked about it.............but who cares! "waita minute, P. Sherman......what does that even mean?!" "well, i don't know.........but who cares! I remembered!" ok, so, the new office couple got here on Saturday night! (a week ago). they seem super fun...their name is Bagozzi, and they are from Canada! woohoo! everyone loves the Canucks! but, they got to spend a weekend here with the Garners, and now they're the official office couple! The Garners have gone feels so dang wierd that they're gone, they've been here since before i got to the just seems wierd to have someone new here.....but they seem really enthusiastic, and we're really excited to have them here and help them get settled in. so, yeah, that's the big news.....the other news.........we just had transfers, and Elder Anderson, Elder Kunz, Elder W├ęber, Sister Shurtleff, and Sister Wolfe all went home, along with the Haslems and the Garners. I can't believe that they're all gone..............i guess, when i came to the country, i met these missionaries who, it seemed to me, had always been here and always would be, and now that they're gone, it really emphasizes how short a time we're here for........crazy...but, there's one consolation......Elder Garner used to be a math professor, and they now live in Utah, a short distance from BYU, and he's available for free tutoring! I'm definitely going to need, it will be just super awesome to get to go visit them when i'm at BYU.....but, until then, we'll have a blast with the Bagozzis!
well, that's about it for this week......transfers was super hectic, as usual, but we managed to live through it again. Oh, there is a little news...........Laci, a member here in the Buda ward, really likes to organize outings, so we're going to go see Cats in March! in Hungarian! it's going to be super fun, i think we have about 30 people going so far. they've gone to quite a few other plays since i've been here, but we've always had something else that we needed to do, so we weren't able to go....but, we're going to this one! so, somebody remind me to write about that, since we'll be seeing it Saturday night, i won't be writing about it until a week later........but yeah, i'm super exicited!
alright, I hope you all have a great week! talk to you all later!
Elder Murray

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