Sunday, January 30, 2011

Transfer 9, Week 7....?

yeah, so this transfer is a week longer because of Christmas, that's why it's week 7.
so, transfers is next week....President has already informed us that we are both staying, due to the fact that the new office couple is now here to replace the Garners, and we need to help them get settled in. It's going to be super wierd without the Garners around, but the Bagozzis seem really fun, so i'm looking forward to getting to know them. Not too much else going on lately.....pretty normal in the office this week (well, as normal as it can be....). let's see...i had something i was going to talk about, but it's not coming to mind right now.......................................uh...............................................(awkward pause........) well, i guess that's it for this week then. bummer. well, if i can think of it during the week, i'll shoot you an email. (this is going to bug me so much until i think of it.......i'd hold off sending this until i thought of it, but then i'd just forget to send the email.)
Well, i hope you all have a great week anyway, let me know how everyone's doing! I love you all!
Elder Murray
Oh! I remembered what I wanted to share-----Well, this past month, a young single adult from the Kispest ward passed away. It was completely unexpected, she was at the New Year's party, and two days after that, she was taken to the hospital, and then she died a day later or something. It was a really hard time for a lot of the youth here, because she had been really involved with a lot of the activities--she used to be the YSA President here in Budapest. So, with her death and everything, i've been thinking a lot about the Plan of Salvation, kind of going back to what i mentioned a few weeks ago when i talked about hearing the departing missionaries on their last night. these friendships we make go so deep that they can't possibly be limited to this earthly life only. Sister Wade, one of the senior sisters who works at the Center for Young Adults, has been helping the youth here a lot--she talks a lot about her husband, who died a number of years ago. She said he called his death his "graduation from mortality", and Pres. Hinckley came and spoke at his funeral, and talked about "what a beautiful thing is death, really." I can't remember exactly how he said it, but something about how if we only knew what kind of experiences await those who go on to fulfill their calling on the other side of the Veil, we would not mourn their passing. she also has a lot of quotes about angels, and one of them is from Bishop H. David Burton, which talks about how the angels that the Lord sends to aid us in our lives are not strangers, but people we had known in life. They are friends and family and that is a comforting thought.

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