Sunday, May 8, 2011

Transfer 12, Week 2

Hi everyone
first off, Happy Mother's Day! I kind of started panicking last week, because here, that's when they celebrate mother's day, so it was kind of confusing (i think i went through the same thing last time...). But yeah, Happy Mother's Day! I hope you all had a super awesome day/week (although, I guess those aren't quite over yet...), and I hope you all have a great week coming up! We didn't have too much going on this week, yesterday was Sport Nap, so we went over to the stake center and played some volleyball...i thought i was really bad at it (and i might actually still be) but I thought i was doing pretty good....i mean, I got it over the net 4 out 5 know, when i realized that it was in my area of the court, and then remembered to hit it...but yeah, that was super fun. Before that....our week has actually been really slow....we celebrated Sister Bagozzi's birthday on thursday with some red velvet cake (it actually worked! :) and then on Friday we met with one of our really awesome investigators...he's still looking for his answer, but he said that this last program was really awesome, his favorite one so far...we had started it by asking him if we could pray for any of his friends or family, so we did, and the prayer was super awesome, and he was super grateful that we did that, and he super liked the prayer, he said it addressed some things that he hadn't even mentioned, so that was a really special experience.
So, other than that, not much going on....we're going to see Az Operaház Fantomja on Tuesday (i'm not going to say what the translation of that is...hopefully you can figure it out, if not, that's why they made Google translator), i'm super stoked! alright, so, i'll talk to you all next week! have a super awesome week!
Elder Murray

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