Sunday, May 15, 2011

Transfer 12, Week 3

Hi everyone
So, not too much going on this week...we had a program set up with one of our investigators, but he wasn't able to make it because one of his classes went a little longer than usual....bummer....hopefully we'll be able to set up sometime next week....then, after English class, I was helping one of the young single adults to talk to Sister Smith...let's just say, the YSA center is nothing but drama! Oh my gosh, I won't miss that aspect...ridiculous....but yeah, that lasted through English class and after, so Elder Miller taught Profi with the new senior sister, Sister Chase (she's really nice, she reminds both of us of Mrs. Redfern), and then he split with Elder Turley to teach another of our investigators, Áron.....he is super amazing, the program sounded absolutely stellar! oh gosh, i can't wait until the next time we meet with him, i'm so excited!
So, yesterday we had a special Gofri Est....a Hungarian just got back from her mission in London, so we threw a little party for her. It was pretty fun, putting up the decorations, helping make the waffles, cleaning was all a blast. Lots of fun. :)
Alright, so, Tuesday night, we went to see, we've been planning this for some time, most of us bought our tickets about a month and a half ago, some bought theirs later, and some were trying to buy theirs last was rather stressful. But, we finally got it worked out. Just one little, there's the main level in the theater, then the first level, which is just the balcony that runs around the outside, and then the second level, which is another balcony above that. We all were sitting in the very middle of the second level, so, pretty sweet seats....the problem was that one of the tickets we had bought was down on the left side of the first level, so we had to work out who was going to sit there....that was an, we finally worked everything out, and we went to the, we got there about 25 minutes early, and i was waiting out front for some missionaries who were meeting us there because I had to give them their tickets....I was super stressing out, i thought we were going to get locked out.....i think my watch was 5 minutes ahead though, because it showed that the play should be starting, but right then the missionaries got there, and we went in, and it still didn't start for another 3 or 4 minutes......still super stressful....
the play itself though was totally worth it....the actors were all amazing, the singing was stellar, everything was so well done.....granted, the stage may have been a bit small for the play, but they made it's really quite amazing what they were able to do...super i just need to see it in america so i have something other than the film to compare it to.
so, that was our week...pretty sweet.
I hope you all have a great week! talk to you later!
Elder Murray

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