Monday, September 19, 2011

Transfer 15, Week 4

Hi Everyone
so, not too much this was consecration week, so the goal was to meet with as many members as possible. It was a lot of fun hearing all of their conversion stories and just getting to know them better. Yesterday after church we had lunch at the Szamosfalvi family's house, that was a lot of fun. Afterwards we went to Kazincbarcika and met with a few members out there, that was fun. This whole week was just a blast, I feel like a lot of members are more excited about the work and more willing to help.
So, a few people asked how my birthday was pretty fun, we started out with Elder Diamond making a german pancake for breakfast and sticking a candle in it.....then, after we finished emailing, we went out whipping for a bit.....we finished with family home evening at the branch house. The other missionaries and the members here put together a little surprise birthday party with cake and balloons, so that was pretty fun. ha, and Sister Johnson put together a photo album of last transfer, which was completely ridiculous, so that was super awesome....i now have evidence proving when i went crazy. ha, just kidding. it was a super rad transfer though. pretty fun. oh, and i almost forgot! we had a gofri est on Friday! it was super fun. we got the recipe from Sister Smith (ended up quartering it because they have to make so many in Buda and we weren't expecting too many people) and made a lot of waffles. It was really fun, kind of a fun way to say goodbye to Sister Vass - she went back home to Veszprém Saturday morning, which is also when Sister Török came to serve with Sister Johnson. She's super rad, she probably laughs even more than Sister Johnson. So, it's a lot of fun around here. at least, there's usually always someone laughing.... :)
so, that was about it for this week.....i hope you all had a great week!
Elder Murray

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