Monday, October 3, 2011

Transfer 15, Week 6 - Oct 3, 2011

HI everyone
So, I forgot if I name these for the week starting or ending....we are currently in week 6, so that'll work. Anyway, so last week was kind of super busy....on Monday, we went to Hortobágy (yeah, I bought another whip :) then to Debrecen so Diamond elder could buy some Tisza shoes.....I didn't see any I liked, maybe I'll just end up buying a bag or something....
On Tuesday, we had a semi-normal day.....not too much going on......we got our training for district meetings finished at about 10:30 that night, then worked on it more the next day as we drove to Nyyíregyháza.....we went on splits with them, Elder Moffett went back to Miskolc with Diamond, and i stayed with his greenie, elder Shipp. It was pretty fun, he's a really great guy. the next morning, Diamond came back for me, then we went straight to Eger for District meeting and splits there....we actually went on blitz, which means that we all 4 stayed in Eger. it was really fun, Elder Hommes is a good guy, it's weird to think that the last time we went on splits, i was in my 3rd transfer and he was in his first...weird..... i can't believe how fast time goes by....Elder Lundeen actually goes home next week! super unbelieveable.....anyways, we finished with that, went back to Miskolc, got the sisters, then drove out to Debrecen. yeah. super long car was cool to see the stars though, since the cities are so spread out, there's a lot of places where there aren't any lights, so it's really easy to see the stars...i'm pretty sure we saw the Milky Way as was super pretty. but, we got to Debrecen, spent the night there (not exactly too fun sleeping on a wood floor with nothing under you, just going to throw that out there in case anyone is planning on something like that.) then we had district meeting in the morning, went on blitz, did some guitar playing/singing/fliering in the belváros (Elder Wiscombe did most of the guitar playing and singing, but i did pipe in on the singing as well....) that was a lot of fun. then, we got back to Miskolc in time for Branch evening where a mini flour fight erupted.....we cleaned it all up, don't worry. Saturday was also great, we met with a few people, then there were two sessions of general conference, the Relief society and then one other, so the Sisters watched those, Elder Diamond and I made chocolate chip cookies and cinnamon rolls for Sunday. Sunday was super awesome, the whole day was spent at the branch house, in between sessions we ate stuff that the members had prepared was so delicious, and it just felt like a giant family gathering. the talks were all so amazing! the entire priesthood session was kind of a call-to-arms, so amazing! i can't wait for the Liahona to come out so i can read all of the talks!
alright, so that's about it for this week...we're going to the Nyíregyháza zoo today, which is supposed to be the best in Hungary...i'm really excited....they better have a giraffe feeding or something... :) i hope you all have a great week!
Elder Murray

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