Sunday, October 30, 2011

Transfer 16, Week 4 - Oct. 29, 2011

Hi everyone
So, slight hiccup in things....we can't email on Monday or Tuesday because those are holidays and then on Wednesday we'll be in Budapest for Zone Conference, so the next opportunity we would have to email is Thursday, so we just decided to run in here real quick and get it done now. Sorry for not letting you know sooner, we just kind of found out ourselves a few days ago.
So, not much going on this week...we had a few programs with some members, actually met with the one guy we streeted into, he was cool and we're going to see if he'll come to the activity tonite. Other than that, we've been doing a lot of tabling which is where we take a little collapsible table into the belváros and set up some Book of Mormons and pamphlets and stuff on it, then tape a sign on the front. two of us usually stay by the table and then the other two kind of go out and try to nab people and bring them in to the table. It's been going pretty well, we've gotten a few possibilities from it. Not too much excitement....well, we did have a slightly drunk man come up and stay for a while...he whipped out his little pocket bottle and asked if we wanted any, I said no, definitely not, and then he got pretty intense about me taking some. He took a few swigs, but luckily the only thing he did was spill a little on our sign. ugh, i hate that smell, i've smelled it on every single drunk person in Hungary. blegh! so yeah, that's our little thrill this week.
We're trying to get a game night going here in Eger, so tonight will be the first one...hopefully it goes well.
So, that's about it. Next week, we'll be working on Monday, then Tuesday is a super p-day, i'm still not sure what the plan is for that, i'd really like to go over to this cemetary nearby once it gets darker out (which starts happening at about 5:30 nowadays) and see all the candles. i missed it last year, and i've heard that it is really amazing. i'll be sure to take some pictures...maybe. :)
That's about it. Not too much else going on....we have zone conference on Wednesday with the southwest zone (and possibly the west...not sure on that one) so Sister Wright, Elder Miller and I will be giving our departing testimonies....gosh, that is a super weird thought, it's kind of something that i've been waiting for a lot, but now that it's here, it seems like it has come way too fast...i still have 3 weeks after that, so we'll see what happens.
ok, i think i'll sign off, i won't be emailing this next week, just on Monday the 7th...actually, it might end up being on the 8th, because on the 7th we're going to Budapest to get Elder Pendleton registered. we'll see..... :) I hope you all have a great week or two!
Elder Murray

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