Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Flight plans this week!!!!

Hi everyone!
So, in case you didn't read the subject line for some reason, we should be getting our flight plans this Friday! AH! Which means, we leave in a little over one week! I cannot believe how fast the time has gone by here! We were coming back from the temple today, and we saw a bunch of new missionaries coming in, and Miller Elder said it feels like just yesterday when we were the new ones....ha, but he said it in Hungarian, so Lundeen Elder and I took a while to understand it....ah! which brings up another thing! This week is Consecration Week! Starting from when we left the temple today until when we enter the temple next Wednesday, we have committed ourselves to only speaking Hungarian, and to being the best missionaries we can be! of our goals was going to be to go to the RC more than once a week, but now they're only letting English elders (and some Spanish) help we don't even get the one time a week. Bummer....
So, yesterday was our last day with the Albanian missionaries....they left at about 3:00 this morning.....we are going to miss them SO much....they've been here the entire time that we were here, so it's going to seem really weird without them....we've all got each others emails and adresses though, so we should be able to keep in contact over the next few years....Elder Smith and I were even talking about being roommates at BYU.....He's a rad guy. Yeah, but they are going to have so much fun in Albania....apparently there's only about 40 elders and 3 or 4 sisters, so they should see each other fairly often. Ha, and apparently there's this kid who used to chase the missionaries yelling cuss words at day the missionaries said "Ok, we're going to teach you the worst American swear word, but you have to promise not to say it." So now, the kid chases the missionaries around yelling "Baptize me! Baptize me!" It's a pretty funny story.
Speaking of stories, Bro. Sorensen was telling us about when he bought his whip in Hungary.....he tried it out and managed to make a little *snap* so then, this little old neni (the e has an accent; those are little old ladies--a bacsi (accented a) is a little old man) picked up a whip, swung it, and got a huge *CRACK* then she looked over at Bro. Sorensen and just kind of cackled at him. Ha, I love all of our teachers' stories....they make me SO excited to get to Hungary! And I'm actually going to be leaving in 12 days! AAAHHHH!!! I can hardly wait, I am getting so excited to get there! (not the 15+ hour trip....i could do without that). Apparently, on your first day, they let you street for a while just around the mission home (ah, that should be so much fun! not that I'll be able to understand the people I'm streeting....but still!) and then they take you up onto this hill that overlooks Budapest. There's a cool statue up there with a poem on it (which, apparently you have no idea what it says because you still can't read), and you just get to sit and look out over the city. Bro. Sorensen said they take you there on your last day too, and it's really cool because you can actually understand the poem then, and you just get to look out at Budapest and look back on a job well done. ah, I'm so excited! I don't think I can say that enough times to fully describe just how excited I am......
Well, I hope you all had a great holiday and are having a great New Year! I love you all, and am looking forward to hearing from you in Hungary! Postage sounds way expensive, so feel free to email me if you don't want to send a letter.
Murray Elder

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