Monday, January 25, 2010

First email from Hungary

Hi everyone!
Well, here´s my first email from Hungary! Sorry it doesn´t look foreign or something...haha So, my training area is in Székesfehérvár (the literal translation is Chairly White Castle--I think it used to be the capital a LONG time, huh?) It´s pretty cool here, the branch has about 20 (?) members.....I guess I was expecting that many, just because that´s about how many our teachers told us there would probably be, but I was still kind of surprised.....ha, when I introduced myself in church, it was extremely short--I said my name, that it was my 6th day in Hungary, and that I was happy to be there......that was it. Nice, huh?
Ok, so, I pretty much can´t understand case you´re wondering, that´s not fun. at all. I can speak a little bit, but I need to expand my vocabulary, otherwise I´ll be stuck with missionary topics for a while.....I know that I´ll be able to understand people as I hear the language more, but I am just very impatient with myself, so I feel like there´s something that I´m doing wrong that is keeping me from understanding
Yeah, but Pres. Baughman and Sister Baughman are way awesome! I totally love them, they are so personable and caring. After they picked us up from the airport, we got to take a nap to help get over the jet lag...the branch house is way cool, by the way. Before our nap, I had to teach a program to a new member, because two people showed up for a companionship, and they needed us to go on splits with them. It was pretty fun. The next day, we went streeting in the morning....I was able to get a few people to stop, but Sister Steck was totally rocking it! She placed 4 or 5 Book of Mormons (I know, the s is in the wrong place--deal with it :) ), and she was having conversations with everyone! Yeah, so that was fun.....oh, and all the food I´ve had here is amazing! I love it!
Oh, I forgot to mention, my trainer is Huggard Elder. He´s pretty cool--I think he was taught by Sister Snow.....? He goes home in 6 months. One thing though, I feel like he likes to spend a lot of time in the apartment....I think we´re getting out on time, I just get really antsy to get outside, and he seems like he purposefully gets distracted by something else...
Yeah, so this is definitely not anything like what I had expected from the MTC....i was expecting it to be difficult, but I am still just blown away by the intense opposition i seem to be facing right now.....something just keeps moving my mind back to home- and MTC-life, so I get pretty homesick sometimes.....that´s only in the apartment though, when we´re outside, I´m just excited to do missionary work! Hopefully I´ll be able to understand people soon, so I´ll be able to actually respond to what they´re telling me...
Ah, one funny story before I first full day in Székesfehérvár (Thursday...) we locked ourselves out of the apartment. Huggard Elder had made some pasta for lunch, and he thought that we should run and by some cheese while it was cooling, we didn´t have our bags or anything (luckily we both had our coats), and we went outside and shut the door. we got down maybe one flight of stairs before we asked each other if either of us had the key......nope. So, he called the landlord, who came about 5 hours later (he doesn´t live in the city)....meanwhile, we just kind of
Yeah, so that´s my first interesting (?) story from Hungary...hopefully it´s not going to set the tone for the rest of my mission..... :) Well, I love you all and miss you so much! Ah, it´s happening again! I need to go outside or something!
Talk to you all later!
Murray Elder

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