Monday, June 14, 2010

Transfer 4, week 4

Hello everyone!
Wow, things are going way great here in Miskolc! (Well , maybe not as great as they could be going.....but they're still going great! :) We've met twice with a lady named Timi, she's always really happy to have us over and to talk with us, and this last time, her son sat in on the lesson too, and he seemed pretty interested, so hopefully we'll be able to talk with him too in the future. It was really cool though, because we tried visiting her on Saturday, but when we rang the doorbell, apparently nobody heard it, so we left.....we called her on Sunday, and she said she was dissappointed that we didn't get to meet, and wanted to know if we could meet then. She is so great, she always has great questions and is always smiling---plus, she's a chef, so we always get something to eat when we visit her. :)
Other than that, not much going on this of our investigators said that he thought he should probably be baptized, which was amazing in and of itself, and then we said there was a few things he needed to take care of first, and he pretty much committed himself to quitting smoking and drinking. He's a really cool guy--haha, he's about 50 something, and he always says "kiraly!" (it means "king", but they kind of use it like 'cool'.....yeah, he's pretty rad, haha.)
Um.....on Saturday, we were on splits in Eger....that was really fun, i got to split with Elder Mullen, who was in the group above me at the MTC---he's doing great with the language, and is a great missionary. He always shows his personality in everything he does, and the members in Eger that I got to meet all seemed to really like him.
Yeah, so that's pretty much week three of transfer 4 of Elder Murray's mission....haha. oh, one more thing---a couple of you were asking about driving, now that i've got a car. It's definitely interesting.....i have to drive a lot more defensively than i did in America, that's for sure. it's not too difficult, just wierd for me.
well, that's about it.....we've been having a great time together, learning from each other......oh, and we recently tried out this new way of tracting--i can't remember if i talked about it last week or not, so i'll just repeat myself if i did.....feel free to skip this part if it's old news....or if you're bored... :) So, we printed up this little survey of about 5 questions, with our names and numbers at the bottom, and put one in each mailbox in a bunch of apartment buildings. we went back a few days later and talked with people about their opinions. They seem a lot more open and receptive with that, and we've seen some great success with it.
Oh, and i forgot to mention some random trivia about Miskolc that Elder Lynn told me when i first got here---apparently, the walking street here is the longest one in Europe. Also, there's a section of the city called the Avas--it's just tons and tons and tons of 10 story apartment buildings--which has more people living in it than the entire city of Eger. Yeah. So, that's my random little spurt for this week. I guess I'll talk to you all next week!
Elder Murray

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