Monday, June 21, 2010

Transfer 4, week 5

Hello Everyone!Wow, pretty intense week.....we had zone conference on Wednesday, and Elder Causse was there (i have no idea if i spelled that right......he's a member of the 70, and i believe he gave a talk in general conference once.....). It was really good, he had a lot of great advice for us to help us improve ourselves and become better missionaries and better people. Then, we had to rush back to Miskolc for Angolóra...we were starting it over, so we were expecting a lot of people, but there wasn't really a whole lot of new people....oh well. Then, on Thursday (yes, the next day) we had to drive back to Budapest for Zone Leader Council. That was really good too, we really cleared up a lot of mission policies, and Elder Causse had a lot of really great ways that we can improve the mission. Plus, i got to see Elder Lundeen, Elder Brockman, and Elder Huggard. It's super wierd to think that Elder Huggard is going home in just a few weeks, and then Elder Brockman goes home 6 weeks after that. Other than that, our week has been going really great. We have a few really good of them is having his baptismal interview this Saturday, and then right after that, one of the sisters' investigators is getting baptized. We actually have this one investigator who's really fun. She's about 45 maybe, and she has two jobs as a chef, so it's kind of hard to schedule with her, but she always makes us something when we come over, and she loves talking with us. We always have a fun time with her. We tried to visit her once, but they didn't hear the doorbell or something, so we came back another day. She was kind of pretending to be mad at us, and in the middle of a little rant she just kind of stopped real quick to say --sziasztok, örülök, hogy itt vagytok--("hi, i'm glad you're here") and then started her little rant again. . It was just really funny because she just threw it in there, and then we just laughing for the rest of her rant. She's a lot of fun, because she's always laughing with us, but then we start the lesson, she really pays attention and seems to be really applying what we're teaching. it's really cool to see the difference, because you can tell when the lesson starts that the Holy Ghost is there, and that she's learning to recognize it and to learn from it. We're really excited to continue teaching her.haha, and then we were meeting with an older woman (she's so rad, she watches handball religiously) and she said she was never coming to church again because someone mentioned something about all the women should be wearing skirts (hers was getting washed or something). Then Elder Lynn told her that when he got to church and looked where she usually sits, he didn't see her, so something was missing from his entire day....after that, she said "jó, csilagom, ott leszek jövő Vasárnap" (ok, my star/dear, i'll be there next week). She always call us "csillagom", it's so adorable.So, let's see....other than that, not too much going on....we're starting splits tonite, so i'll be in Debrecen with Elder Marceil (he was in the group above me at the MTC...i'm really excited to see him again). yeah, so, that's about it. I hope you're all having a great week, and i guess i'll talk to you all next week.
Elder Murray

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