Monday, June 7, 2010

Transfer 4, week 3

Hi everyone!
Wow, this week was pretty interesting. First of all, Elder Lynn and I made it into the 20 Lessons Club (for missionaries who teach 20 or more lessons each week), so we were really excited about that. And, we had an absolutely amazing day of tracting, so we should be getting some new investigators from that. It was really fun too, we tried an idea Elder Lynn got from one of his companions. We made a small survey and put it in every mailbox, and then we went back and asked everyone what their opinions were. (Most) everyone was really friendly, and in one building, we got 4 phone numbers, 3 people let us in to teach a lesson, and we gave away three Books of Mormon (copies of the Book of Mormon...whatever...). It was super exciting, and we had a really fun time doing it. We had kind of an upsetting start to the week though--one of our investigators is on bap. date, and is absolutely phenomenal--but his school is pretty much kicking him out if he gets baptized. Kind of upsetting, but a bunch of us had a fast for him, so things should be getting better soon. :)
Other news......we have had a ton of rain lately, and as a result, there's been a ton of flooding. We've been asking all of the members and investigators here, and they can't really remember another time when it was this bad......kind of exciting, but at the same time, really annoying. But, we have nice, sunny, warm weather now, so that is absolutely great!
So last week we went to the castle--that was pretty fun. It wasn't too big or anything, but it was still fun. haha, Sister Crosley was pointing at some suit of armor or something and set off an alarm--twice! haha, that had us laughing for a while.
yeah, so, that was about our week....not a whole lot happening throughout the week, but definitely some memorable days in there. That one day of tracting was really inspiring, mostly because i really hadn't seen any success at all with tracting in Székesfehérvár. So, this was a nice relief and a reminder that it does still work. :) Other than that though, not much going on.....we have a pretty good week ahead of us....we're possibly going on splits in Eger this Saturday, so that should be pretty fun.
Well, I guess I'll talk to you all next week! I hope you're all doing great!
Elder Murray

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