Saturday, April 2, 2011

Transfer 11, Week 3

Hi everyone
I thought I'd get this one sent off first of all so I would have time to do it..... :)
So, pretty strange week.........Elder Miller and I had a lot of field trips........we took the greenies and the Gudgells to the hivatal on Monday, which was interesting, because the greenies were there for their second time, so it took them about 10 minutes all together; so, we decided to bring them back to the mission home, then go back to help the Gudgells. Well, we got back here, switched cars, went back, and still had about a 15 minute wait before their number got called. It was kind of ridiculous. But, it went well, and then they bought us Subway afterwards. so, that was cool. Then, on Tuesday, we didn't have too much. the southwest zone came in for training, which made things kind of crazy for us, just answering questions and getting stuff for people. Then, on Wednesday, we went to the Földhivatal (Land Registry Bureau) and the Biróság (Courthouse) to get official paperwork for the hivatal that we go to to register the greenies. So, that's always an adventure. Not too much, just going from one corner of Budapest to the other (not really, but we do cross the river....). then, on Thursday, we took the senior sisters and the Hartwells to the Hivatal, which didn't take too long, but this time it was just them and I who went, and they all got called on four separate desks, so i was scurrying back and forth trying to keep everything in order, which got kind of hectic. It was an adventure. And, that was about the last thing....we had zone trainings for Budapest yesterday, which were good. Then, we went to a wedding reception in Kispest, because both of the Millers served there, so they knew a bunch of the people. It was pretty fun. This morning, we did a killer workout, I'm going to be feeling that one for a while. Then, we went shopping, and now we're here. So, that's this week. We're all super excited for General Conference tonite and tomorrow...I can't remember which one is tonite, but tomorrow morning is the general priesthood/relief society session...that's about all i know. I'm super excited though, we've all been looking forward to it for a few weeks now. and, it's super wierd to think back exactly a year ago when i went to general conference, because I was still with my trainer, Elder, that seems sooo long ago.......
so, that's about it.....I hope you all have a great time at conference and a great week! talk to you next week!
Elder Murray

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