Monday, April 25, 2011

Transfer 12, Week 1

Hi Everyone!
Wow, I'm really sorry that i haven't written in a while.....on the 17th, we had to pick someone up from the airport and drive him to the stake center, and then we went with the APs to Siofok and Tihány, with a little stop at a bobsled on the was a super full day, and we all had a super fun time.......then, on the 24th, we went shopping with the senior sisters, went to a baptism, went to a wedding (which turned out to be in the middle of nowhere, but still worth it because it was a legit hungarian wedding), then went straight to Kispest. Busy busy busy. today is a super pday because of easter, we're going to a member's house for lunch, that'll be fun, then we might go on a hike somewhere....we'll see how the weather is. OK, so, let's
This week, we met with one our investigators and set a baptismal date with him! we are so excited for him, he is really searching hard for the truth, and he is trying so hard. It's so much fun to meet with him, he is so ready. Our other investigator is really trying hard to feel like he does have a connection with God; it's really cool meeting with him becuase he's willing to do the things we ask, and he's basically starting from square one. Then, on Thursday, we did a finding activity during zone conference, and Elder Miller and I had to go back and pick up a car from the mall, so we streeted on the way over there....ok, this is a cool, we crossed the street, then realized that the villamos we wanted was back on the other side we had been the time we got over there, the villamos had, we just got on the next one, not realizing that it was the wrong one.....well, not really a wrong one, it just went around the back side of the mall instead of the front. so, we asked a few people which stop we should get off, almost got off at one, but then a guy told us that we should get off at the next, we waited, got off the villamos at the next one, then started toward the mall.....we got over there, and Elder Miller spotted a guy sitting by himself on a little wall....he went over and just started talking about the gospel with him....I was kind of doubting he would be interested, he just kind of looked like a tough guy, but once we got started talking to him, he really opened up, and he is a really legit guy...we swapped phone numbers with him and gave him a book of Mormon...he seems so cool, i can hardly wait to meet with him.....the whole experience was just so cool, so many things happened that led us to that spot at that was just really cool to realize that even though we were worried about if we were going the right way or not, it was cool to look back and see that somebody was guiding us there.
So, this week, a member of the presidency of the Seventy came to speak at zone conference, along with one of the newly ordained members of the Seventy and their wives. It was so amazing having him here, I got to have an interview with both of the members of the was really an amazing experience. I am so grateful that I got to speak with them like that, it was a really special opportunity. Oh, their names are President Teixiera and Elder Fingerle....they were so amazing, I got to go to both zone conferences because i was helping with the was so amazing! i can't believe all the things i learned there! it was soooooo amazing! oh my was just so so so so so so so so amazing, i can't even describe, just, amazing.
alright, well, that's about it....oh, we had an Easter Concert Friday, Saturday, Sunday, (yes, i sang in it....but, just in the choir...). It was so amazing and special.....there's a lot of talent here, and the Spirit was so strong! oh my gosh, I'm so glad I was able to participate in it!
Ok, so, with transfers this week, I guess everyone would want to know what's going on....Elder Miller and I are staying together! I'm really excited, there's a lot of potential for stuff to happen here.....and there's a lot of changes that I feel really good about throughout the whole mission........ah, I am soooo excited for this transfer! I can't wait to see what happens, I really feel like there is just a ton of potential waiting to burst out, and with all the changes that were made, I feel like we are just ready to burst! Oh my gosh, I'm just on a really good spiritual high or something right now, it feels so good! oh wow.....ok, well, I've got to go now....I hope you all had a super amazing Easter, and I hope you all have a great week!
Elder Murray

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