Sunday, April 10, 2011

Transfer 11, Week 4

Hi everyone
Sorry it's so late...we had kind of a busy day today....but let's go over our week pretty, Monday, good, Tuesday, good, Wednesday, we went streeting and got phone number from 3 people, as well as ran into a member from Virginia who was here for about a week for a conference. That was kind of cool. And, one of the people who gave us their number, asked if we could meet on Friday and talk.....we were super excited about that....then, on Thursday, we had English class, confirmed a program with one of our students, as well as set up another program with another student....super cool. So, Friday was the nice busy day....we had the program with the guy from Wednesday at 10.00 - which went amazing, seriously, he is so ready for all of this......he met with the missionaries 4 years ago, but that was right after he had joined another church, so he didn't just want to be all over the place. But, he super accepted everything we shared with him, and he is really determined to find out if it is true. so, that was really exciting. Then, we had more office stuff until the evening, where we set up as much as we could for the activity night, then left to have the program with the english class student.....he seems a bit more shut off to what we have to say, but hopefully once he gets to know us better, he'll be more willing to at least try it out....we'll see. So, Friday was kind of exciting. We even set up programs for next week with both of the people we met with on Friday, so that's even better. I'm super excited for them all.
so, today, we did a workout this morning (the effects of which are still apparent...ouch...), went shopping, got ready....etc. then, we met up with Laci and went to Memento Park, a really small little park out in the outskirts of Buda, and they've got all of the old communist statues there. It was really interesting....not much to see, but we still had a good time. gosh, and they had a whole bunch of anti-communist stuff..........they really don't like them here....... after that, we went to the bobsled ride just up the road from the park. That was pretty fun. we each went twice, i filmed my first ride down, then, on the second run, i flipped over because my bobsled kept pulling to the right.......still super fun though.
so, that was our week, in a nutshell....sorry i took so long to get this done, this is just the only time i really had to sit down and write today. I hope you all have a great week, and i'll talk to you next week!
Elder Murray

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