Monday, August 8, 2011

Transfer 14, Week 3 (Aug. 8, 2011)

HI everyone!
Oh gosh, i ran out of time again...i'll try and sum this all up really, last monday we went to Eger, visited the city, ate at Palacsinta Vár, it was pretty fun...we just kind of wandered around the city, took pictures. then on Tuesday we went to Budapest for Zone conference, that was exciting to see everyone....oh gosh, the departing missionaries gave their departing testimonies, it was super sad, both Elder Mullen and Elder Rowland are going home this transfer! it's going to be super weird with them gone, especially since i was with them in the MTC....super weird...time just goes by too fast....but yeah, zone conference was pretty good...i got to see Sister Smith again, that was fun. i'm going to miss her, she is totally super awesome (she reminds me a little of Aunt Tammy :) after trainings and lunch, we got to go up to the museum on castle hill and see the Munkácsy Mihály exhibit...he did three huge paintings (like seriously, i think they were bigger than my room....) on when He was taken before Pilate, then when Pilate presented Him again before the people, and then on Golgotha.....the artwork itself was absolutely amazing, it is really awe-inspiring to stand in front of something so big and so masterfully done, and then when you think of what it is was just really amazing to see.
After the museum, we rushed back to miskolc to meet with the branch president and discuss the activity on Saturday (more on that in a second). Wednesday was pretty fun, we had some programs, did some finding. In the evening, the sisters had profi english class this week, so they had a game where everyone had to choose one item from a bunch, then present it like a salesman as something other than what it was. it was interesting seeing everyone's imagination at work, pretty funny as well. then, we threw in another game at the end where we write down a bunch of totally random sentences on slips of paper, then give two each to two people, put them in a situation (business meeting, airplane ride, anything), then have them start a conversation in that situation. when a sign is given, the first person reads one of the papers and tries to get it to fit into the conversation. a few minutes later, they pull out the next one, and so on. all i can say to describe it is super hilarious. seriously, one of the most entertaining games i have ever played. Thursday was good, english class was pretty normal, Friday we had an activity night, then Saturday we had a branch outing to a park where the members cooked paprikás krumpli (potatoes with paprika). it was super fun, everyone had a super fun time, the food was amazing, the weather was great, it was just an awesome day. Sunday was good, we are in charge of teaching the aaronic priesthood class now, so we're kind of getting used to that now...kind of interesting, especially since the only manuals we have are in hungarian....good language study though :)
After church, we went to Kazincbarcika to visit with some old investigators....we were talking to this one lady for a while when her daughter and her (daughter's) family came in...turns out, they live in England and were baptized about a year, super random, super awesome, we talked with them for a while. it was super fun getting to talk with them, and just how it turned out that we were right there at that time......blessings! they're awesome!
So yeah, that was our week, in a nutshell. I hope you all have a great week, let me know if anything exciting happens! I'll talk to you all next week!
Elder Murray

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