Monday, August 15, 2011

Transfer 14, Week 4: Splits (Aug. 15, 2011)

Hi everyone
ok, so this week was pretty cool.....started off with Pday, we went to Aggtelek, which is a cave right up on the Hungary-Slovakia border. we thought we weren't going to be able to go in because we missed the tour we wanted, but there happened to be another one about 20 minutes after we got there, so we got to go through.....super awesome. there's this one big open part where they have concerts and weddings.....kind of interesting. they played a few songs for us, it was really cool to hear how it sounds in such a big enclosed area.
Tuesday we went to Eger for splits and district meeting. I went with Elder Velasquez, he is such an awesome missionary. He has such a love for the work and the people of Eger, I know he's going to be great no matter where he serves. It was really fun getting to work with him, even for just a day, he's got such a positive attitude and is willing to do anything. Wednesday was fun, we had english class and everyone seemed to have a good time. Thursday, not too much, english class again, then a discussion afterwards. Friday, we went to Debrecen, had district meeting, then split. Elder Davis stayed in Debrecen with Elder Remy (who also happens to be his greenie) and I came back to Miskolc with Elder Wiscombe. We had a super fun time together, he's from California but attended BYU Hawaii, and he is so layed back and chill. He also plays the guitar extremely well. We had a really fun time serving together, he's so rad. For the Friday night activity, we tie-dyed. it was pretty fun, except kind of hard because we just had to use clothing dye in plastic water bottles, and we didn't have any soda ash (which apparently helps a lot with holding in the color...more on that later), so the color kind of got everywhere.....i looked at the one i did though, and it turned out super awesome, so, success! however, the thing with the soda ash is that it helps hold in the color, so we didn't have any, and the first shirts we tried just turned pink in the washer can still see the original colors in the spiral, but all the white parts are now pink. interesting. but, it was fun. It was Elder Wiscombe's first time ever tie-dying (actually, i think everybody's...) so it was fun. i'm going to have to do more of that when i get home... :)
Saturday morning, we split back....then we had some programs in the afternoon, during each of which, we were fed. we had already eaten pizza during weekly planning, so we were pretty well stuffed by the end of the day. Sunday was super awesome because someone we just met last week came to church, so that was super awesome. and another person we are meeting with was able to have a little chat with the branch president, which he was pretty happy about. So, church was pretty much awesome. afterwards, we had more programs, during which we were fed yet again. there's just no stopping the Hungarians when it comes to accepting food. It's okay though, because it was all super delicious, i'm always so happy to accept any food they give us.....i just don't always have room for it :)
so yeah, that was our week....this week should be pretty good, we'll be going on splits in Nyíregyháza, i'm pretty excited for that. Then, Saturday is the 20th (it's a national holiday here) so we'll be going to Debrecen for the Flower Carnival. It's kind of super weird that I'll have been there for both times....i'm excited though, just to see how it compares with last year. So, i'll let you know how that goes.
until next week, be good y'all!
Elder Murray

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