Monday, August 2, 2010

Transfer 5, Week 5

Hi everyone!So, it's week 5...super crazy......This week was really good for us--it was consecration week, with the focus on diligence...the goal was for each companionship to get a total of 30 finding and teaching hours....we didn't get the 30 total hours, but we do have possibly 2 new investigators--one of them saw us tabling for english class, came up and started talking to us, then started talking about religion, so she seemed pretty interested. Then on Saturday, we met with an old investigator who was just too busy to meet with the elders when they first contacted him. He is now done with school, and we had a really interesting conversation with him about living in the world, but not being of the world--he's already got really high standards and a solid foundation to start building on, so we're really excited to start meeting with him more often. And, one of the students from angolóra is becoming friends with one of the members who is also learning english, and she came to fiatal est as well! it was super exciting to see her there, and the member friend from angolóra is already starting to teach her about the gospel! The rest of the week was fairly ordinary--we did a lot of tabling, and had quite good success with that. And then, on Sunday, we had a really good lesson with a less-active member--the lesson really seemed to apply to something that she had been talking about just before we started, and then she agreed to say the closing prayer without any complaints or anything (she usually doesn't really want to pray whenever we visit, so that was really great!) After that, we went with the sisters and a member to a recent convert whose husband is in the hospital. He is able to come home on the weekends, so we gave him a priesthood blessing, and they were all so happy that we came over. It was a really great experience, and so great to see the members excercising the priesthood. Church was really great too, as it was testimony meeting--there were a lot of really great testimonies, and 3 or 4 young women from the branch shared their testimonies, after just having gotten back from EFY--those were so great to hear, everyone was so happy afterwards. It was just a really great day!So, that was about our week...Elder Cheney and I seem to be getting along a lot better than at the beginning of the transfer, so that's really great. We've been finding that we actually have a lot in common, so it's fun to talk about those kind of things with each other. We've also had some really great conversations about our plans for the future, and it's been fun getting to know each other better and what we're planning on studying. Most of our conversations kind of end up making me trunky though, so that's not too good.....haha. so yeah, that was about it for our week...this next week is looking to be really full......tomorrow, we are going to budapest for zone conference, and afterwards, we are going on a trip to a little tourist-type village--it should be really fun! the one bad thing is that we have to be at the mission home by 9:00 in the morning...yeah, not looking forward to that drive.....then, on saturday, we will be going to tatabánya so elder cheney can attend a baptism there....not looking forward to that drive either, but hopefully Cheney will have his license by then....for the last 2 weeks of his mission.....nice. :)so, i'll let you all know how that all turns out......i hope you all have a great week, and i'll talk to you all next week! Elder Murray

hey, so i forgot to mention...last monday, we went to Nyíregyháza to practice for a concert that we're going to be putting on....then, when we got back, we had to rush and pack everything together to move to our new apartment (pres. said we needed a new one closer to the city). It is super nice, and right on the walking street, so we can just wake up, get ready, and go outside. it is really nice! yeah, so that's just a little more news for last week :) Elder Murray

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