Monday, August 30, 2010

Transfer 6, week 1 (Aug 16, 2010)

Hello Everyone!
Ok, first of all, i'll tell you all about last the suspense for transfers....hehehe.
So, last week was good......we went on splits on Debrecen, so I stayed there with the greenie, Elder Johnson, and then Elder Kunze came back to Miskolc with Elder Cheney. Oh, and Sister Wunderli stayed as well, with Sister Breithaupt, and Sister Zomboszki came with Sister Crosley. It was really fun, we had quite a bit of success with streeting (even though it was inconceivably hot outside), and then we had a meeting with the senior couple who are in Debrecen, the Williams'. They are so much fun, i really hope i get to serve in a city that has a senior couple sometime. We will be going back to Debrecen on the 20th of August for a young single adult activity (plus, it's a super's pretty much the Hungarian independence day). So, that will be fun. Then, on Friday, we had our concert in Miskolc, yay! It was super fun and absolutely amazing! Both of the concerts that we were involved in were absolutely great (if i do say so myself....)! We had so many non-members come, and it was such a great environment for everyone to be in--I absolutely love music, and just how quickly it invites the Spirit, and how it isn't stopped by language or age barriers. I think everyone went away from the concerts having gained something, and everyone said they loved it. The theme of the concert was The Plan of Salvation, and the way it was set up was really cool--there would be some songs about a
certain part, and then one of the missionaries or a member would get up and say something about it. I had such a great time, even though i didn't sing (i think everyone appreciated that... :), and we've gotten so many compliments and requests to do it again.
So, after that.....oh, Saturday was Sister Crosley's birthday, and we were in Nyíregyháza for the concert, so we went to the Mexican restaurant afterwards. It was really fun, we took a lot of pictures (well, Sister Crosley did....i'll steal them from her later :)
Other than that.....oh, we had dinner with the Szamosfalvi family (he is the district president, and two of their kids are married and living in america...his daughter is attending BYU, so i only really know his son--he's super funny). So yeah, we had lunch with was pretty much a little slice of america. Their house is so american, it was totally screwing up my brain, haha. It was so much fun though, just to be among so many members and just talk about stuff---besides that too, just being with a family that has been together for so long and are still so happy--it's kind
of a rare thing in hungary, so it was really nice.
Ok, so, transfer calls.......oh wait, first of, it's one of Sister Crosley's mission traditions that all the missionaries in her district have breakfast at the branch house on transfer call monday. So, i was going to make a pie for lunch or something (for her birthday), so i started making the crust last night.........let's just say, it is quite difficult to make things when one is lacking measuring cups.......and, when the recipe calls for crisco, and all you can find at the store is lard that
smells like, needless to say, it was not too successful.....we'll see how it turns out next time :) other than that, breakfast was great (we had pancakes!)--we watched The Testaments (we just got it with Hungarian voice overs, so we were super excited to watch it).
And, we got transfer calls. So, Sister Crosley will be training this transfer (an american, finally. She's had a lot of mini-missionaries lately), and I will be staying here (kind of obvious since my comp is going home...) and my new companion will be.........Elder Bird! ah, I was super excited to hear that i get to serve with him again! we had an awesome transfer together, I can hardly wait for this next one! (plus, he was just in the office, so he has his driver's license already--yay, I don't have to drive all the time!) Yeah, so that's transfers. For Miskolc, at least......
So, in other news.........we have transfers on Wednesday......that should be, we're going to a park to walk around, take pictures, practice whipping, and get a district item. (usually companions get a tie, but since there's also sisters here, we're each going to get the same....item.....we have yet to decide what. :)
So yeah, that's about it. I hope you all have a great week, and I'll talk to you all next Monday!
Elder Murray

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