Monday, August 30, 2010

Transfer 6, week 2 (Aug 23, 2010)

Hello everyone!
Wow, we had a pretty hectic week......first of all, on Monday, Elder Cheney and i were rushing around trying to find a comp tie.....then transfers was pretty exciting.......there were a lot of missionaries at transfers, it was really fun to see everyone again and get some more pictures. Sister Crosley got a greenie, Sister Johnson, so she was really excited about that. Sister Johnson already speaks fairly well, and she seems really happy to be here. And, I got Elder Bird (After his one-transfer-stint in the office) He said he's a little rusty after being in the office, but i think he's doing great now. We're still getting adjusted and everything, but things are going great and we're really excited to be serving together again.
So, after transfers....we came back to Miskolc, had English Class (for the four students and one member who showed up...) and then we had a meeting with the young single adults from Nyíregyháza, Debrecen, Eger, and Miskolc, along with the two senior couples from Debrecen and Eger. It was pretty good, we talked about upcoming activities and how to get the youth more involved. after that, we had an ok thursday.....all but one of our programs cancelled, but the one that didn't was really good. after that, we had angolóra again, then kind of an unplanned program after that. so, not a total dissappointment. then, Friday was August 20th, pretty much independance day, so all the missionaries (along with a lot of the youth) in the zone went to debrecen for the Flower was really cool! i pretty much gave up on taking pictures and just took movies, because there was a parade with a bunch of floats and some dancing and stuff--it was way fun! there was even a Star Wars float! it was pretty much amazing! haha, i was pretty much geeking out..... :) after the parade, we all met in the park for lunch, then we went to the stadium where all the floats were so we could take pictures and stuff. i got through all but two or three of the floats before my camera died :( so that was fun too. after that, we had a fireside at the debrecen branch house with Számosfalvi Laura, who talked about how we all need to find the good things about ourselves, not just concentrate on what we don't like when we look in the mirror. It was a really good fireside, and then we had pizza with everyone and she answered questions about BYU (she's going to school there). all in all, a pretty rad day. we got back to miskolc at about 8:30 and would have gone to see the fireworks, but there weren't any......the city spent the money that would have gone to the fireworks on flood relief.
So, let's see....Saturday was good too, we had a ton of finding time, so we went tabling for a while...then we had a program, and one of our investigators should be starting the stop-smoking program today, so that was great to get to meet with him and get him ready for that. He asked for a priesthood blessing, so when he came to church on Sunday, a member gave him a blessing---that was super awesome! he's also fasting today as a start to the program. He is so amazing, he really is determined to quit smoking. He really is doing everything he can. Haha, and it was funny earlier, because we helped out in primary, and it was just so funny to hear all the little kids' answers to some of the questions.....they were so funny, and it was awesome because i actually understood them! :)
so, after church, we went and visited some members in Putnok and Kazincbarcika. In Putnok, the member's husband was home for the week from Germany, and he's really cool, so it was fun to get to meet with him. Apparently he reads the Book of Mormon all the time, he just doesn't really feel the need to get baptized......and it's super hard to meet with him since he works in Germany all the time and comes home kind of on short notice...but he's really cool, and it's always fun to meet with them when he's there.
After that, we went to Kazincbarcika, had some programs with some less-actives, and then we looked up a referral from the office. She was way cool, she lived in Miami for about 45 years, so the entire time we were with her we spoke english. She's really interested in learning more, and it was just awesome getting to hear about her experiences. It was cool too, because when we first got there, she said she wasn't interested at all, but then Elder Bird asked if we could just talk a little to get to know each other and so she could practice her english, and then by the end, she said she was very interested and wanted to meet again. It was a super awesome program, and a great end to the week.
So, that was about it for last week......hopefully i remembered everything.....i don't really know how this week is going to go, i guess i'll find out as it goes along.....we have zone leaders council tomorrow, so we'll be going to budapest. that should be fun.
well, i guess that's it.....i'll talk to you all next monday! i hope you all have a great week!
Elder Murray

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