Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Transfer 5, Week 6

Hi everyone!
holy cow, transfers is next week! wierd....
so, this past week was pretty crazy.....let's see.....last Monday, we just worked, since we moved our p-day to Saturday (more about that later....). So, then on Tuesday, we had a multi-zone conference, which started at 9:15.......yeah, we had to get up pretty early......but it was really good, we talked about a lot of stuff, like how we can improve as individuals and as a mission, and then we talked about following up on committments we give to people. The assistants gave that training, and it was pretty funny. Elder Daybell likes to poke fun at the way missionaries say certain things, so he had everyone laughing for a while. Then, after zone conference, we all went to Skanzen and Szentendre. Oh, and, super wierd......so, it was super hot out, so President let all the elders take off their ties.......it felt super wierd, haha. So, yeah, back to the outing.... Skanzen is an open-air museum, so there was a bunch of different little areas that all were different parts of Hungary during different time periods. It was pretty cool.......the only bummer was, first Sister Crosley's camera died, so I let her use mine (since she would take more pictures than I would, and then they would be on my card.......yeah, I thought of that one all on my own....with some help from Sister Crosley.......haha). So, she took nine or ten pictures on my camera, and then mine died. But, it was close to the end of that part of the trip, so there wasn't too much else that we wanted a picture of. After that, we went to Szentendre, which is pretty much just a little tourist town....I didn't buy too much, just two pins...one is a Hungarian flag with an American one, and the other is the Hungarian crest that's on some of the flags. So, that was zone conference.......after that, we came back to Miskolc, and went to bed....long day. :)
The rest of the week was pretty good....we had a linger-longer after both angolóras, and everyone really enjoyed those. Then, on Saturday, we went to Tatabánya for two baptisms. They were so great! It was just kind of funny, apparently the people being baptized couldn't agree on a place, so one was at 9:00 at a lake, and the other was at 11:00 at an indoor pool. Both were really great though! Haha, and the members are so amazing, it's just like a little family! Everyone wants to feed the missionaries! People kept coming around with food afterwards, asking if I wanted any...I kept saying that each one was the last one, but then they came around again and wouldn't leave until I ate some more! haha. Afterwards, we went to a members house for lunch, and the one member who had been doing most of the food-giving said he'd be waiting for me to get transferred to Tatabánya so they could feed me more. They are all so great though, I really would like to serve there. haha. And then, after getting stuffed full of food, we came back to Miskolc and had a meeting with the mission leader here, who fed us as well....first rice and chicken, then watermelon, then ice cream.....yeah. We were all pretty much stuffed. I was so glad to get back to Miskolc though, it was about a three-hour drive to Tatabánya........I was so happy that I didn't have to drive....I think I'll be letting Elder Cheney do all the driving for the rest of the transfer, haha.
So, Sunday was good as well....we got to meet with a family of a member from America....he and his wife were in Hungary doing family history work, and they met these distant relatives of his (I think they're second cousins....?) but yeah, so, he gave us their names and address, so went over to visit them. It went really well, they were really friendly and seemed pretty interested.
OK, so, Monday.......long day. First, we had apartment inspections at 9:00......that went pretty well, seeing as we just moved in two weeks ago--how dirty could it get, right? haha. Just kidding, we take really good care of it. So, we passed :) and then we picked up the sisters and drove out to Polgár, where a member and her mom live......it took us a while to find their house, but then we had lunch with them (rakott krumpli and palacsintas....delicious!). After that, we went to Hortobágy! That was pretty fun. There's actually not much there, just a bunch of touristy stuff (there was a ton of english speakers there---it was really throwing me off. We met a family from Canada, so Sister Crosley was really happy). we spent most of the time trying out whips, which was really fun. I tried for a while and finally got a decent crack, but then we went somewhere to take pictures, came back, and I couldn't do it. But then, the guy told me to do it with my left hand, and I did it really good on the first try! It was kind of wierd.....so, I bought a whip! Elder Cheney is really good at whipping, so we'll probably be doing that next monday (yay! :). So, that was Hortobágy.....after that, we drove to Nyíregyháza to practice for the concert. After that, we drove the member back home, and we ate dinner with them (once again, really tasty!) and then we drove home to Miskolc. So yeah, long day.
That was about our week......it is so wierd that it is already the last week of the transfer....hopefully we should be able to meet with a lot of people this week. Last week a lot of people cancelled at the last minute, so that was a little frustrating.......but, we got some good finding time in, so that was good.
I hope you all have a great week, and I'll talk to you all next Monday!
Elder Murray

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