Monday, September 6, 2010

Transfer 6, Week 4

Hello everyone!Ok, this week......well, we started out on Tuesday by going to Budapest.....there was a training there about being better teachers, and it was pretty much actually lasted three days, so we spent Tuesday and Wednesday night at the secretaries' apartment. Everyone had a really awesome time; the west and the east zones were there, so there were quite a few people to talk with. The schedule was pretty much the same every day: we got there, Pres. Baughman gave an hour long training, the APs gave an hour long training, then we had an hour for role-plays (the APs said our zone had the best role plays.....ya, go east zone! :) and then we had an hour for lunch, then repeat twice more. It was way fun, even though we were sitting for a really long time. The trainings were all great, and everyone did really good in the role plays, it's really cool to see how other people teach certain things, I really learned a lot from all of the people I practiced teaching with. So, that was pretty much the schedule for the first two days, then on Thursday, we just had two sessions. We all had a super fun time, and we're really trying to apply the things we learned to our teaching. Awesome! So, after that, we were trying to stay pretty busy for the rest of the week....we taught some programs on Friday, not too much new stuff......oh, although, we did have a program with one of our investigators, whom we haven't met with for about a month--that was super awesome! Then, Saturday......interesting......we had two programs in the morning, both with people from angolóra....the first lady missed a few days of angolóra, so her friend gave her her notes to study, so when we went to meet with her, she pretty much said "Well, I've got all this to study, so it would be pretty much pointless to learn anything else about we talk about your church?" It was pretty awesome. We had a really good program with her. She seems really excited to learn more, so we're looking forward to meeting with her again. Then, we met with a guy who can understand written English pretty much perfectly and actually speaks fairly well, he just wants to improve it a lot. So, we talked with him for a while, got to know him a bit, and talked about the Book of Mormon....he's super interested in it, so we're looking forward to seeing where he goes..... Then, later we wanted to visit an investigator who is in the hospital, but then the sisters called to say they got on the wrong train to Budapest (they were taking a p-day so they could go to a baptism, but it didn't quite work out...) so, we went with them to the hospital (good thing too, I would have totally gotten lost trying to find where the room was...). So, we got to visit with them, and that was fun.....then, Sunday.....we went to church, that was awesome, then we went to visit the less-active members in Putnok and Kazincbarcika....that went pretty well, and then we looked up an inactive in Kazincbarcika....that was really sad, he's a 16 year old kid, and let's just say his life isn't on the best path........super depressing meeting.....and that was pretty much how we ended our, today..........not too much planned, we should just kind of be wandering around to some stores......we have Családi Est tonite (family home evening), so that should be pretty fun....we still need to coordinate with the sisters whatever it is we're planning.....but it should be good! So, that's about it for this week......not too much new stuff going on.....I hope you all have a great week, and I'll talk to you all next Monday! Elder Murray

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