Monday, September 20, 2010

Transfer 6, Week 6

Hey everyone! So, we just finished up consecration week! The goal was to get 30 total finding and teaching hours....we managed to get exactly 30 hours, so we were really excited. We had a really excellent week, we met with a ton of new people, and a lot of them really liked the message we shared, so hopefully we'll be going back soon.....that would be excellent! But yeah, so, the week went pretty good...not much happened on Monday, we decided to devote most of that to working so we could be sure to get the 30 hours.......Tuesday was pretty good, we actually had a cool little experience that night. Elder Bird and I were just kind of streeting around, walking around some back streets and stuff. We passed one street, and I noticed someone just kind of sitting on a railing. I kind of thought, "You know, we should go talk to her" but, she was the only person over there and I kind of thought that it would be awkward, so we just kept going. But, I still felt like we should go talk to her. I asked Elder Bird, and he agreed, so we went back with an angolóra flier. We went up to her, and she was actually crying, so I kind of felt super more awkward, but we talked to her anyways....we talked for a while, gave her an angolóra flier, asked if she wanted to hear about the gospel, then left. She wasn't really interested, but as we were walking down the street we were originally walking on, she followed us and then talked with us for a while as we walked, until we got to where she lived. It was kind of cool, because I didn't really think too much about it, but later Elder Bird was just saying how glad he was that we went back to talk to her. Yeah, she wasn't interested in the gospel, but when we started talking to her, she was crying, and by the time we left, she was laughing. I don't know, it just helped me see that yes, we are here to share the gospel, but why do we want to do that? Because it makes us happy. We offer that source of happiness to people, but if they don't accept it, that doesn't mean that we can't try to leave them happier than when we found them. So, that was just a cool little moment this week. Kind of one of those moments that's a mix between a duh moment and when the lightbulb turns on with the angels singing in the background. So, that was cool.Other than that, we met with a ton of people this week. We went on splits with Nyíiregyháza, so I got to come back to Miskolc with Elder Miller...that was a pretty cool split, we got some finds and even got let in once while tracting. Fun stuff. Then, later in the week, we met with an older lady from angolóra...that was super awesome because her husband and grandson were there too, and they all seemed super interested in the gospel. After we left, Elder Bird kept saying how it felt like just talking with your grandparents. They were just super nice and kept feeding us stuff, haha. We're excited to keep meeting with them, that should be really fun. Other than was good this week...the Folsters came from Eger to speak in sacrament meeting...they're the senior couple there. All in all, a very good consecration week....the only bummer was, we just barely missed standard. None of our investigators came to church, so we missed that this week....dang. But, we got our thirty hours, so that was super awesome! I'm still super excited about that. :)so, that's about it.......we're going to Hortobágy today, so that should be pretty awesome....the missionaries from Szolnok and Eger are going to be there too, so there's going to be a whole crowd of us.....and I'll get to see Lynn again! yay! haha. Not much else......I'll let you all know next monday whether I'm staying or going, so be waiting for that! I hope you all have a great week! talk to you all next Monday! Elder Murray

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