Monday, September 13, 2010

Transfer 6, Week 5

Hello Everyone! Wow, we had a pretty fun week! So, on Tuesday, we went to Eger for district meeting....that was really fun, the Elders there are so awesome, and the senior couple are great as well. We had a good district meeting; Elder Bird gave a great training on motivation, vision, and goals. After that, he stayed in Eger with Elder Peugnet, and I came back to Miskolc with his greenie, Elder Jackson. We had a pretty good time together, we got a lot of finding time in and actually quite a few people gave us their phone numbers, so that was really encouraging for the both of us. It was his first time tracting, so it was really good that we could have so much success. On Wednesday morning, we took the sisters with us to split back with the elders in Eger, then we drove straight from there to Debrecen for another district meeting. That was good as well, then afterwards, the senior couple there fed us lunch (it was super good), and Sister Johnson stayed there with Sister Breithaupt, Sister Jordan came back with Sister Crosley, Elder Bird stayed there with Elder Hosch, and Elder Johnson came back with me. We had a pretty good split, we tried looking up some inactive members (without too much success...:( Then, the next morning we split back. It was a ton of driving. Definitely not the highlight of my week. The splits were absolutely great...the driving, not so much.....but, it was worth it. We all had a great time and learned a lot from each was interesting for me because I was with junior companions both times--one is in his second transfer, the other in his first. So, I had to talk a lot more than I usually do---I guess that was good for me. :) The rest of the week was fairly good....on Friday, we had a Film Est (movie night) and we watched The Testaments (it just came out in Hungarian, so we were all really excited). Everyone absolutely loved it, it was so great to have everyone together to watch it and to just feel the spirit in the was pretty much amazing. Then, on Sunday, we had a district conference here in Miskolc, so the members from the branches in Debrecen, Eger, and Nyíregyháza all came to that, as well as the missionaries and the mission president. That was super awesome, it was so cool to see the chapel completely full, and the talks were all absolutely great. Three young women gave talks that were amazing--two of them had served mini missions, and they talked about the importance of member missionary work. They were super awesome, and it's so great to see the youth getting so involved with missionary work. Other than that, it was just super awesome to see all the missionaries from the zone and to get to know a lot of members. It was a pretty super awesome conference. After that, we went home for lunch, then went out to work. We started at 2:30 and pretty much worked straight until was a long afternoon.......not too much happened with that....we managed to get a phone number from a family that we streeted, so we're looking forward to meeting with them. Other than that, not too much.......after we were done, we came home for dinner, which consisted of a baguette from tesco (actually quite tasty), popcorn (we have a few bags leftover from the movie night) and palacsintas. Yeah, maybe not the most healthy dinner, but it was fun. Oh, and we had herbal tea. That was good, it's been a super long time since I've had tea.
So, there's this film festival taking place at the arts house (I have no idea how to say it in Hungarian, it's Művészeti Ház) which is seriously about a 10 second walk from the front of the building where we live. Apparently, along with that, they're doing nightly concerts, which, along with being really loud, have a stage right where we usually drive to get to our parking area. Luckily, they have provided a little ramp on a side road so we can make it home every day, but the thing is, it's still pretty close to the concert. So, we got home kind of later one day, and ended up driving right through the middle of it.....hehehehe.....we were kind of laughing the whole time..."hehe, we pooped the party....hehehe." so, yeah, we're nerds. but we enjoy it. :)
So, this week.......we're hoping to set up a lot of programs with angolóra students, so hopefully we'll have a lot of people to meet with. We're also going on one split to Nyíregyháza. And, it's consecration week, and the focus is on getting 30 total finding and teaching hours. We managed to get 25 this week, so hopefully we should be able to get the 30,,,,especially since we only have one split to worry about. It should be a great week. and, we're planning on going to hortóbágy next monday, so we'll let you know how that goes.......hopefully we'll have time to email, but if we don't, I'm giving a heads-up right now, just so nobody worries. :)Well, that's about it.......I hope you all have a great week, and I'll talk to you on Monday!Elder Murray

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