Monday, September 27, 2010

Transfer 7, Week 1

Oh my goodness. I'm in transfer 7........ah!

Hi everyone!
Sorry for that little random thought.....just super wierd to think that I'm in transfer 7 already....didn't I just get out here a few months ago? What is going on here?
So, this last week was pretty good....on Monday, we went to Hortobágy.....super fun, of course.....and, the Szolnok elders were there too, so I got to see Lynn again.....and, I bought another whip..........yeah. After Hortobágy, we went to a member's house for dinner.......super tasty......and, Elder Bird and I whipped for quite a while....super fun....we were sore for the next few days though, hehe. It was super fun though! He totally got obsessed with whipping!
After that..........Elder Bird and I wanted to keep the momentum going that we had during consecration week, so we set a goal for 30 finding and teaching hours....we managed to get 28, which is actually more that we usually got in the weeks before, so that was super awesome......We met with a few people, not too much out of the ordinary.......Sunday was probably the best day........Church was good, there were a lot of good things said, then afterwards, we met with one of our investigators. We actually kind of combined with the sisters and a recent convert, and we watched a session of last October's general conference, the one by Elder Holland (I think it's called "Safety for the Soul"....super good). So, that went well, I think we're all super excited for general conference now......which, it's super wierd to think about, because the last time I watched general conference, I was still with Elder's already been 6 months since then! gah! So, yeah.......that lesson went well. Then, we made some soup at the branch house because we didn't have time to go home for lunch.....we had another lesson right after lunch with an old investigator, which kind of turned into him just asking us about, not too effective gospel-wise.........we'll see where that goes. After that, we met with one of our investigators at his house...his wife is a member, and she was there too, so that was great. She even gave us lunch, which was super tasty, just kind of hard to find room for it. After that, we taught them about eternal families, hoping to get the husband more interested in learning we drove up to the Avas for a program with a lady who we tracted into. We ended up teaching her and her mom (well, the mom was there.........she is just kind of super old, and she kind of kept interrupting and going off on tangents...). That went really well, the lady seemed to understand everything we said, but she still had questions, so that was a super awesome program. There was a lot of back and forth conversation, and she seemed very interested in everything we were saying. I'm super excited for the elders to meet with her again!
So, transfers.........yes, I'm finally leaving Miskolc......ha, kind of wierd, becuase Elder Bird has "killed" me out of both of my areas so far. He was my last comp in Székes, and he is my last comp in Miskolc.....huh......They are re-instituting the dual-zone leaders, so Elder Bird is being joined by his MTC ősi, Elder Egan. Elder Egan was Elder Lynn's favorite companion, so hopefully he has a good time here. And as for the rest of the district, both of the sisters are staying.....I'm the only one leaving. I'm going to Érd. I really don't know too much about it. It's just southwest of Budapest, actually really close to Székesfehérvár.....and, I don't really know too much about my companion.....he's going into his second, so I'm going to be senior companion....gah! hopefully I don't destroy the place..... :) But, I believe that he was Elder Anderson's greenie, so that will be kind of cool. And, Tóth Nővér was a mini missionary here in Miskolc for about 2 weeks with Sister Crosley, and she lives in Érd, so I'll at least know 1 person.
So, yeah, that's pretty much all the juicy news for this week.............pretty exciting! I'm super nervous to be going senior, but then again, there's another elder going senior in his 5th transfer, and whitewashing (both companions are new to the area), I think I can handle this..........ah, we'll see......
I hope you all have a great week! I'll talk to you next monday!
Elder Murray

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