Monday, October 11, 2010

Transfer 7, Week 3

Hi everyone!
Ok, so, first of all....a few of you all were asking about the toxic spill/catastrophe thingy, so I'll tell you all that I know about it......apparently, there's this factory, and they had a lot of toxic sludge, and they had to get rid of it but didn't really know what to do with it, so they built two big reservoirs and filled them full of this red sludge. And, wouldn't you know, this factory is on top of a hill, with a little village at the bottom of it, which kind of sits in a basin between that hill and another hill. Well, it rained quite a bit, so apparently one of the dams on one of the reservoirs broke. All the sludge in that one oozed down into this village and just kind of sat there between these two hills. (Oh, I forgot to mention--this stuff is also slightly radioactive). Then, the dam on the second reservoir broke, so that came flowing down, picked up the sludge already in the village, and flung it all over the next hill. Yeah, so, pretty much, this radioactive sludge stuff is slowly oozing wherever, and they're trying to stop it. Apparently, at least four people died and quite a few's pretty outrageous. We just got an email from Pres. Baughman, apparently the church is helping as much as they can, and they're willing to give as much money as is needed.....luckily, there weren't any missionaries there and the ones in Pápa have been working really hard to help as much as they can.
So, that's the catastrophe.....other than that, I don't know too much about it. We heard about it the day after it happened because one of our investigators told us about it.
Onto less saddening news......Érd is pretty cool. We do a lot of angolóra advertising, so we ride our bikes a lot. We just go around and drop fliers in peoples mail boxes....not too bad in and of itself, but when you combine that with dogs barking at you, it gets kind of lame.....and, when one of these dogs happens to bite your companion's arm, that also tends to poop the party......he's fine, it didn't even pierce skin, but it left a nice bruise and some bite marks.
So, last week...a lot of angolóra fliering, some programs with investigators, and we set up some programs this week with some people from angolóra....we would have had a program tonight, but something came up, so hopefully we'll be meeting with them later in the was really good too, we had a great fast and testimony meeting, and after church we went out to visit a little néni (I had to bless the sacrament for her.....luckily, it's gotten a lot easier for me to read Hungarian.....and, it helps that I've heard them said a ton of times now, so I know kind of how they, that was a cool little program. The member who came with us, I actually knew in my greenie city, Székesfehérvár....he's a member of the stake presidency or something, so he was in Székes a lot, but he actually lives here in Érd--he even recognized me too, so that was kind of cool.
Oh, so, one of our investigators is super awesome! We had our first meeting with her on Monday. We introduced the Book of Mormon and told her about it, and when we explained where it came from, she just kind of said "Oh my gosh, I had no idea about this!" She just completely accepted the whole thing, just as something that she didn't know about before and now does. She had a bunch of really awesome questions which set it up really good for the next appointment with her ("Oh, sorry, we don't have time to answer all those questions....when should we meet again so we can answer those?" :) Then, there were a few members in the branch house at the same time, so they all befriended her and invited her to church and everything! it was super awesome, and she totally accepts all the stuff we teach. She is super awesome, we're really looking forward to meeting with her again.
Let's see....what else happened......ah, today, we went to Budapest. Elder Lynn and Sister Crosley were there, so we had a little district reunion. We went to the Chinese, pretty much the only way I can describe it, is like this: if anyone has ever been to Pike Place Market, imagine that, but with a lot less space between the different shop things (oh, and instead of shops, just little stall things), everyone smoking, and the whole atmosphere is as sketchy as can was a lot of fun. :) hehe. I was looking for a tie for me and Elder Bird, but no luck. After that, we went to Trófea for lunch. It's pretty much the most fancy buffet I have ever been in. All the people speak quite good English, and all the food was delicious! It was super fun, there was me, Elder Saunders, Sister Crosley, Sister Johnson, Elder Lynn, Elder Gardenhire, and then Sister Steck, Sister Kovácsis, and Elder Kubricky came later. It was a super fun meal, we completely stuffed ourselves. So yeah, that was our Monday. Pretty cool.
So, I hope you all have a great week, and I'll talk to you all next week! Bye!
Elder Murray

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