Monday, October 25, 2010

Transfer 7, Week 5

Oh wow, this week was super fast. (I'm getting more imaginative with the greetings, eh?)
So, this last week was consecration week--the focus was on perfect obedience and extending the invitation to be baptized......we were able to stay very focused on obedience. I think our biggest problem in past weeks was getting to bed on time, but this week we did absolutely great! Other than that, there were a few things I noticed as we were reading the white handbook that I could do better, so I kind of focused more on really helped too, we both felt really well rested all week and everything just kind of worked out......really a super awesome week! The other focus, we didn't get much opportunity for......our one investigator with whom we meet a lot already has a baptismal date, another two we didn't meet with. One of our investigators said that she will be baptized when she feels that she has a stronger personal relationship with God, and another said that as soon as she feels the prompting that she needs to be baptized, she will. So, not too much opportunity to extend that commitment, but the people to whom we extended it did accept it. So, that was about it.......we got a lot of work done, especially with flyering, and we got two phone numbers off of tracting. We have set up an appointment with one of them, and with the other one we should be able to set up an appointment on Wednesday. So, things are going pretty smoothly here. Érd kind of has a reputation as being a super slow city in relation with finding, but we have had some fairly good success lately. Hopefully we'll be able to continue that and continue to see the work improve here.
So, that was about our week...not too much out of the ordinary......oh, Saturday was cool. We had a super p-day, so Elder Saunders and I went whipping in the morning (I had kind of been going through withdrawals....hahaha), and then we caught a train to Budapest. We got to the mission home, at which point we learned the value of finding out other peoples' plans earlier than that day. Pres. and Sis Baughman were the only ones there, everyone else in pretty much the entire zone had either gone to Tata or Hortobágy. Kind of ridiculous. But, it wasn't too bad, Elder Saunders and I both got packages (thanks grandma and grandpa!). So, we decided to walk up to Buda castle and get some pictures. We wandered around up there for a long time, and then we went into the museum there. It was cool, just super huge! We spent maybe two hours in there, perusing the artwork (ooh, I forgot how much I like that word...). After that, we went out of the castle grounds and walked along the Duna until we were across from Parliament. We got some pictures of that, then walked back to the mission home. Everyone else had gotten back by then and already eaten, so we stopped at Burger King. (I know, not exactly tiszta magyar, but it was quick. So, we got to the mission home, played some table soccer and ping-pong, and then we watched Hercules. (I forgot how ridiculously funny that movie is.....). It was super fun, Sister Steck and Elder Lundeen were there, so we had a mini group reunion....minus Elder Miller :( All in all, it was a pretty awesome day, Elder Saunders and I were pretty much completely dead by the end of it, but we got a lot of pictures, and it's always just super fun to have a little time to relax with a ton of missionaries.
So, that was our week. Not too many big things, but we had a lot of fun moments throughout it. It's really inspiring to see how the Lord is blessing us and the people here to be more attentative to the Spirit and follow it's promptings.
I hope you all have a great week, and I'll talk to you all next Monday!
Elder Murray

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